Quiet Sunday

I don’t have much to say today. Only “happening” today was when we bought a grill to our balcony. There were only two left and both on display. We got 20% off from the price and headed home. At home I started to read the manual (yes, I did!) and while figuring out the grill (not too complicated, but just in case) I found out that the heat pipes weren’t attached right. After Ewan and Charelie were done on tv we headed back to the shop and changed it to the working one. That’s about it.

So I thought I’d post about something really interesting, links to couple blogs. Of course you should also go and see every blog on my Blogroll/Link list on right!!

Egan is on his 2nd Triathlon this season.

Di got a EOS 350D as a present from her friend and she has been busy taking kick ass photos around Belgium. 🙂

So check those two out and then check out rest of the people on my blogroll. And after that go through you own blogroll and say Hi! to everyone you visit!