How to forget achievements of others

This morning I’ve seen two things that made me grumpy. Not angry, but those things annoyed me. One was old Audi commercial from couple years ago and other was this Discovery documentary about the birth of BMW E63 (645i).

In the Audi commercial they claim that Audi has developed this new groundbreaking automatic transmission where you can’t feel the shifts at all. I give them credit on developing it even further, but Buick did it in early ’60s. SOmeone else might have done it even earlier, but I only know that Buick DynoFlow transmission. I know it since I’ve had a Buick with that trans.. So, Audi WASN’T the first. Maybe first with their design, but definately not first to have “shiftless” trans. What a bull..

Then this BMW documentary. The car’s main engineer proudly explains how they’re revolutionary and inventinve since they have headlights that move depending on where the car is going. You know, turning, up or down.. Sure, it’s great and maybe new level with this day’s technology, but if I remember the model right, it was Citroen DS that was first car with the moving headlights. And that’s one more ’60s car. Their technology wasn’t as hightech in today’s standards and many classic car enthusiasts curse the system since it’s hard to renovate, but it was working and good system in Citroen. US models, of course, didn’t have these headlights since they were assumed to be dangerous.. Go figure.

Those were just examples and based on my limited knowledge. There might have been someone else before Buick and Citroen, but my point was to bring up that most of the “new inventions” car manufacturers are raving about, have meen done earlier by someone else. If I was in the marketing, I’d rather say “We bring this technology to whole new level”. It sounds better in two ways: 1) You give credit to that someone else, even though not telling who. Car enthusiasts know these things and they’re the people who are asked when someone buys new car.. 2) All first inventions are not fully fubctional. They’re so new that they are rather working prototypes and in time they will be fined to exelence. No matter how many hours they have been tested in laboratory, years in thousands of cars is the REAL test that gives the real results.

This applies to every industry, trust me. 😉




Klementina 5
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Not the best yawning picture, but the latest. Those ears look hilarious and the over-all funniness is decent. 😉



Kainu 4
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I have yawning Kainu pics somewhere, but you have to settle with this.. Now you know why Kainu is also called “The Nose-Man”. lol



This day started out nicely: I went to the doctor again and I got sick leave until thursday. Yesterday I thought I’d be ok, but this morning I felt bit crappy. This sucks.

I don’t feel too bad, just bit sick. I got new prescription and doctor told me to really rest, even though it feels weird and even though I feel better. Have to listen. So, I will fort myself on the couch and do nothing.. ..maybe some surfing, photoshopping and maybe some web doodling with Dreamweaver. lol It’s like resting, isn’t it?

I haven’t heard anything about my car. I know it may take even whole next week, but it really sucks NOT to have a car. It would be lot easier to go buy something to eat with car rather than walk there and back, especially now that I’m supposedly sick.

I even thought I’d have few rounds of Battlefield 2 today, but then I decided it’s not resting.. takes some energy to swoosh the mouse around and hit the keyboard while trying to kill opposing pixel soldiers. So not that..

I’ll post something again when I’ve got my brain booted and restarted.. lol


Election day and them some

Today was the second round in our Presidential elections. I voted same candidate as I did in first round and no, I’m not telling you which one. 😉

These days I vote in every elections I’m eligble to vote in. When I was young, I thought it didn’t matter if I didn’t vote and I didn’t even know who to vote.. These days I vote even if I’m not sure who to vote. I will try to find the right one in those situations. This all comes from one thing I’ve heard. I don’t remember who it was, but it was some professor or politics expert. He said that if everyone who didn’t vote or voted for “Donald Duck”, “Harry Potter” or draw a cunt or cock in the paper, would vote for real candidate, even by making the chouce with dice it would really change the political field. The powers would definately shift. I have one thing to add: if even those who voted for the ones that got elected last time, just because they are people who they know, would vote for something new, it would change.

Sometimes change is what’s needed. Political “world” is something that’s alienated itself from the common people. Common people just don’t know what is really going on, they mostly get interested in debates and all the shit near the elections. They get the wrong idea. It’s the advertising time. I don’t follow politics that close, I’m more interested in the lines that come from the past and seem to lead long into the future. The trends might change and steer those lines a bit, but they’re there. I’m interested how we got here. Knowing that it’s easier to make assumptions where we’re going.

I’m not oging to talk about the politics, I’ve posted earlier that it’s something I try to avoid in here. there’s other places for the debate. 😉

I’ve watched couple movies this weekend and what was yet again great experience was “Any Given Sunday“. It really made me wait the Super Bowl even more. That’s mainly because it’s only Football (not soccer) game we see LIVE in here. I can watch some play-offs games as edited games from couple channels, but it’s not the same. That movie really captures the game, the excitement and the feeling. It’s closest to the real feel on the field too, what I’ve seen in movies.. Not that I know how it feels like in the Pro-fields, but I can imagine. Trust me, once my dream was to play in University team or farm team. I never even dreamed I could play in NFL team. Well, it turned out I couldn’t play even in those I dreamed about. Thanks to my knees and back.. Both went in a game. Knees are better and they’ll hold if I’m carefull, but my back kills me now and then. Two fucked up discs and something between them..

Anyway, sorry about the silent weekend, I’m off to work tomorrow morning even though I still feel bit sick. I can’t stand staying at home all the time. I’ll call the doctor if I’m feeling really shitty, I promise. 😉


Photos of my car after the “bump”

So, I finally had the time and energy to search these photos from my Buffalo external HD and post them. I sent them to the insurance company too and then the guy at the body-shop took few photos too for the insurance company.

Nice gap, isn’t it? Glad it wasn’t raining. That’s about an inch at the widest.

It came off from this side, took the back door list off too and ripped the bumper hinges..

And this is how it looked before, new trunk lid, new rear bumper. I had lot done to it during last spring and in the june. It really pisses me off to have it all ruined even though he paid..

Oh, my car has been in the body-shop for a week. From monday on they’ll receive the new bumper and it goes to the painter along with the trunk lid. Then they need to weld in new hinges plus straighten the inner bumper attaching points, the chassis under the trunk opening, new inner bumper etc. It’ll take another week the least.

Modern cars do take lot of hit even though it doesn’t look bad at all. The cost estimate was around 9000e for the whole job as list prices.. Nice.


Yet another day of doing nothing much

First of all:

I tried to include different penguin in the photo, but it didn’t work so I went with the Tux. I hope you like it. 🙂

Yes, I’ve spent most of the day on couch, but I have gathered myself something to do. I’ve gone through all my magazines and sorted out them. Old ones in the box and new ones back to the shelf. I’ve also gone through my dvds that were laying around the player and put all watched movies back to their places and left the still to watch movies neatly.

Doing the dvd arranging, I had to watch Bad Luck Love yet again. I like it a lot, it’s real and raw. You should check it out if possible..