not really mobile app available, but close!

I did try logging in with my mobile browser, but encountered a little problem. I had signed up through the “Connect with Facebook option, hence I had not given any password nor email when registering. When I was looknig at the sign in page on my phone browser there was NOT Connect with Facebook option available after all.. So, I tried to reset my password etc, but obviously that was not possible.

Now that I finally got to log in with a computer, I cannot change my “credentials”, meaning there is no way to change email or password. Which is logical since I registered through Facebook..

Next there is NOT an app, but mobile optimized page available. Not exactly what I posted about earlier when I was hoping for an app for S60 phones. But if/when I get to using the mobile page, it will have to do.

Well, I just have to keep using Moozement through copmuter and wait for brighter future. I still think it’s pretty nice service, definately worth checking out!



Nokia OviMaps v3.1 problems!

Today my phone showed me a message that OviMaps version 3.1 was available and ready to download and install. I did just that. After the installation was complete, I was kindly prompted that I need to reload the maps and voices in my phone since the currently loaded were for the previous version.

I did just that as soon as I got to my computer. I started Ovi Suite and clicked MapLoader and.. Well, I got the following message:

I have navigation license until the late october 2010 and it’s shown in the phone Maps license list just fine.. Well, I thought no prob, I will try again. No luck. I started to think everything’s not ok. However I thought I’d try the Nokia Maps Updater, since it was required last time when I updated from NokiaMaps 2.? to OviMaps 3.0.. Well, it would not start at all.. And MapLoader gave yet again this message above.

Right now I am in the middle of waiting for a call from a friend of mine who might know what’s up with this thing. In the mean time I’ll just do something else. 😉


Creativity has its time and place..

Creativity has its time and place..

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It is way too easy to ignore simple signs that tell you how to do it right. And they do seem to park in groups!

How fucking hard can it be?!

How fucking hard can it be?!

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What else can I say?

Long time, no post

Yesh, been away for a while.. I have been taking 365Days photos, but have not uploaded them and today I thought it’s over for me at the moment. I will keep taking the photos and probably upload them some time soon, but I will not post them to the FLickr group. I don’t feel right since last time I uploaded a 365Days photo was over a month ago.. Well, sometimes things dong go as planned.

I’ve been busy working and studying lately. I decided to concentrate on my studies more this semester and unfortunately it means I have to cut some other activities. Blogging and Flickr posting are things that I do enjoy, but they are not on top of my priority list. I did sign up in Facebook since lot of my class mates and some friends are over ther. Facebook is also working 100% with my phone’s browser, so I will time to time fool around in there. I have tried WordPress with the phone, but for some reason WordPress is really slow and does not function 100% with the phone.. Bummer.

Anyway, I will pop in and post some stuff now and then until I have reached the level I am looking after in my studies. And by that I mean I need to get on top of everything before I start fooling around and doing stuff that is not on top on the priority list. 🙂


What else will they come up with?

I just had to log in and post about this even though I’m still recovering and trying to start my studies again this semester.

So US officials are going to require a “online registeration” or what ever it’s officially called, from all the national who do not need visa to USA. This seems to be something I should do couple days before my trip to USA and it would also cost something. What the FUCK?! Sure the price is marginal for a traveller, but still! What’s the point of this thing? They are saying it is because of the security reasons, but if we don’t need visa, why this extra shit then?! In my opinion it’s just a way to collect extra funds for the government.

Next thing I hear someone saying is that don’t come to USA if you don’t like to pay something as little as that is. Well.. I won’t then! I have loved it over there every time I’ve visited USA and have thought I’d travel over there when I have the time, but.. There’s so many other cool places to go where I don’t need to pay that kind of extra “tax”. Hell, I’d rather apply a VISA for a visit in a great destination than have something as dumb as that little registeration and fee. Way to go guys!

I’m so pissed off about this thing that I did change one route a bit.. Yup, why bother visiting Miami if you have to deal with that kind of shit if you can have fun in Jamaica. And they do fly direct to Jamaica from even other countries than USA. And in the end of the day I assume that “Around the World” route would be shit loads of more fun.

So now I have vented. I hope you do something about the mandness that has caused even this little bump. Vote and even after elections give the fuckers hard time if they’re not satisfying you out there in DC. Fuck, they’re there to represent you and make YOU happy! And if you’re happy when the borders are closing, remember how much fun they have in the “other Korea”, you know which one I mean..


Idioticus Maximus

Idioticus Maximus

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This brainiac decided to park in the middle of hotel exit-way! I took this pic from the entry lane..