I know..

I know..
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I was naughty.. ..but I needed to back up on the spot..
masturbating all night at home

masturbating all night at home masturbating all night at home masturbating all night at home masturbating all night at home masturbating all night at home masturbating all night at home


I don’t need medication, really!

It’s going to be busy night and I think I don’t have time to post anything else until tomorrow.. It’s time to go get last christmas cards so I can get everything posted tomorrow. Yes, I post everything at once, I don’t post the ready ones earlier.. I don’t know why, it just feels right.

So, even though I have said that “I’ve been masturbating all night” sounds fun, I can’t say it since someone might see me at the mall and I would be proven liar. So, I’m still not masturbating all night, I had to go out. And think about it, if your alibi would be “masturbating all night at home” who would be your witness? Genitals don’t count. And would anyone want to tell they were masturbating all night at home? Not me.

Anyway, have fun and masturbate all night at home if you wish, but don’t come shouting it out. I don’t care. I’d rather hear you were working out or something.. See ya!


Meaningless blabbering just for YOU

I’ve been about to post few times today, but never really got anything written down. Nothing really worth posting. Well, I know most of the earlier posts are just crap too, but take my word, these ideas today has been really crappy.

SO I thought I’d just post this flow.

This morning we lost rest of the snow we had from last week. It’s cold and it’s raining all the time during the day and it’s windy. At night it gets below freezing and everything is covered with this layer of ice and frost. This is fucked up since I use my car mostly in evenings. I don’t need a car to get to work and back, I walk. Mainly I just drive to get groceries nad for other shopping needs. When I’m ready to go, it’s already freezing and I have to scrap the ice from my car windows for about 10min before I’m set to go. Nice, isn’t it?

It’s so bad my dogs don’t like to go out. And they love being out no matter what. I think I’ve finally found the weather that’s too much even to them. They just get out, do their things and want to get back home. I don’t mind since I don’t like it any better, but they have so much energy in them.. They’re doing something all the time at home. Running, playing, teasing, bothering, barking and what ever little dogs can come up when they’re bored. Thank god they don’t have the need to chew stuff, just their bones. And I’m running out of bones.

Nice, I talked about weather, how sad. This really shows I have intelligent and sophisticated mind inside this hairy head of mine.

I was looking at changing car. I like my Opel a lot, but I would like to have some extra space for the dogs. I was looking at stationwagons, especially one Mercedes, but decided not to go for it. It would need some rust work. The car is otherwise mint, but since the previous owner has stuffed in 18” AMG wheels with wrong ET, there has been little bending going on in the wheel arches. That has been done poorly and it has started to rust on both sides at rear. There’s still paint, but it’s rust bubbles under the paint work. I don’t know why people has to do something like that? There’s perfectly good wheels that’ll fit without those amateur modifications. I own one set of 18” wheels that would fit E-body Mercedes stationwagon without modifications (tried) and those wheels have even wider rubber mounted on them. Cock-knockers.

I accidentally found this ad of a BMW 750iAL, yes the longer version. Even though I’m not going to haul any VIP human beings, I figured it would have some extra space to haul K9 VIPs. 😉 I haven’t really decided yet and I’m more playing with the idea than really considering the car seriously. Still, I would like to have a car that’s somewhat presentable and I’m ready to pay little to get even bit of luxury. That Beemer would neatly fulfil my car needs. It’s larger than my Opel, which is same class as the 500-series Beemers. STW has it’s advantages, but I will be driving more of those without dogs drives and when I need to get dogs with me I could just throw a seat cover on the backseat and go.

Oh, something about me (Since you asked, GrandPooofAwesome 😉 ):

– I’d rather spend Friday night all alone than In smoky bar
– I don’t drink because when I’m drunk, I’m not good company
– I count my dogs as most important person in my life
– I’d rather be rich and unknown than poor and famous
– I think violence is tool for stupid people
– I never want to grow up
– There’s no map to my planet


Where do they come from?

I was just checking out my statistics and noticed that most of the hits from search engines are from searches with keywords: pixmania, problem. Plus some other words related, like blog, but those two are the most used.

Are there really that many people having problmes with pixmania? How in earth do they pull it all through? I mean, who can fuck up so many times and still be in business? well, I know what you’re going to say: “there’s sucker born every second”..


Gadget geek goes shopping again

Since I upgraded my computer to whole new one plus got new keyboard and mouse, I decided to get myself a quality mouse pad. This because I got myself Logitech G5 laser mouse and will be working with Photoshop, Cubase and gaming some with the computer. After browsing through local stores and webshops I decided to go for Ulti-Mat mouse pad.

After reading many reviews, especially the Finnish MetkuMods review (in english) convinced me to order this product. No, it didn’t play any part that the product is also from Finland. The quality and the possibility to use it in other tasks (pic1, pic2, pic3 and vid ) made me go for this one. Yes, only Finnish review team did that.. Go figure.. 😉

Anyway, when I get everything ready, I will post pics and my comments about different hardware and the whole computer setup. I am feeling positive, but we’ll see. I also have to set up temporary arrangement in my “office” since the dealer is unable to ship me the “working enviroment system” as they call it. Cock-knocker. Well, it saves me some money and gives me yet another reason to complain about something and someone. Kewl!


Monkey from Gibraltar

I think this guy is from Gibraltar.. Anyway, he’s bit of an party guy.

Checkout Munkeh and his photos. Any relation to our Monkey?


Holiday spirit just kicked in?

Egan’s post about his nice family dinner on Thanksgiving made me think. We don’t have thanksgiving in here, obviously because we didn’t mess with the Indians and give them small pox, but we do have few festivities of our own that might just go like that.

Maybe the most famous secret is the mid-summer fest or Juhannus as it’s called in Finnish. It’s in June as one might rightfully think and it’s fest of light and what ever. You can read more about it from the links in the text. Well, it’s really about sauna, barbeque and whole lot of booze and other fine beverages that drive you to make fool out of yourself.Usually it gets just as wild as 5 million drunken idiots sound.

Ok, not all finns get wasted, but it seems to be the pattern in most cases. I’ve tried to avoid that after my wild teen years and succeeded in some level. Usually it’s nice BBQ with friends, some wine. Then asuna and swimming in lake and few beers and then back to BBQ and some other fine beverages. Of course human being gets bit happy and light headed, but not “puke-on-yourself-and-shit-in-your-pants” drunk.

For my family there is few traditional get together holidays and maybe the most important are Christmas and Easter. Oh, that’s my mom’s side of the family. From my dad’s side we used to get together once a year, but now it’s bit harder since my cousins and their families live all across this ball we call earth. We have spread from Finland to Singapore and in between.. I miss those get togethers though. It was fun, 12 kids messing around and making all adults crazy except my grand-ma. She loved us.

Oh, now I can’t wait Christmas, it’s going to be fun after all. When I forget all the commercial hype, all the traffic at mall and all the fuckers in stores.