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It’s monday morning and I’m already late. This time it was concious choice. I was sick better part of last week and kind of still am. I still have to go to school today, to finish our group project for tomorrow when we have the presentation. We had a lecture from 9am to 11am this morning, but I was feeling so bad that I decided to skip it.. There is one problem: I have missed this professor’s lectures and seminars so many times I wonder if I can get through this course after all. I do have the necessary books and I can get copy of the lecture notes, but still. We’ll see.

I’m bit stressed out and depressed about the school. I have been so excited and busy, but too busy to really get better. The doctor said to me last week that I’m sick now because I didn’t rest enough to get better from last time. Now I’m paying for that. Anyway, I’m glad that it is only just over 2 more weeks to the break when I can rest and get well, finally.

The depression is somewhat alerting. Not that I have tendency to get really depressed, but becauseI know it will have negative impact in my studying. I cannot concentrate and nothing feels worth caring. I’m not there yet, but I do feel the symptoms that I am on my way. This being concious and knowing what is happening feels good since I know I can do something about it and that is to force myself to do what has to be done.

It is not only because of this being sick and school stuff, it is also about money. I haven’t been able to work for a while when I have been sick and there have not been any shifts available that I could have done. Being sick, busy, stressed and poor might be just the reason to get bit depressed. But as the shrinks always say in TV: “Now that you know the situation, you can start taking it apart piece by piece and start working it all out.” Yup, yup. For starters I will put on my trousers and go out to walk the dogs. 🙂



Yawning in public

Yawning in public

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I am sitting in a department store and resting before I start plowing my way to get groceries. The mall is filled with people who have no idea what they want or need, but they still have to dash around and spend money. A store just needs to lure there consuming lambs inside, they have their wallets open and ready.. Despite all this, the stores are not the ones making the most money, it is the realestate company who owns the mall.. Parking and the rents. I need to get in THAT business asap! 😉

Some Football Talk!

I just found out that I can see ALL NFL games if I only get one more channel set through cable. I cannot just get the one sport channel nor can I get just the sport channels, but combined with the movie channels I also get bunch of other meaningless channels. The price is not that bad since the sports channels also show Nascar and PGA Golf! Yippee!! lol

Anyway, I just checked out the NFL standings and I’m bit worried.. In NFC West the Seattle is #1 and Frisco only second. Well, Egan is smiling though, aren’t you? IN NFC East the NY Giants are doing well! Go guys, go! Washingto is not doing that well, but I somehow lost interest after Monk was gone. In AFC East Miami is not doing that strong, unfortunately. Yes, as you probably got it, I’m cheering Dolphins, 49ers and Giants. I still do check out Redskins now and then, thanks to Monk. 😉 If it comes to Suerbowl.. I don’t know which one I’d want to win. I have to admit that the dream-bowl would be 49ers Vs. Giants. 😀

Damn these student grants and the fact that the school is taking time from working.. I have to leave something else out if I get those channels.. Hmm, tough choices..


Monday evening thoughts

Alrighty then. Today I realized I have been away for so long in means of saying “hi” to driends online. I did check out few friends and their blogs last since friday and I’m continuing today.

I’m bit bummed about the fact that I have been so closed and so away and for so long. I ean, I have posted something here now and then, but I really haven’t been around to see what’s up with my friends from around the world. On the other hand I haven’t seen my local friends either..

Today I was checking out people on YouTube, MySpace, Blogger and so on (will continue as soon as this is done!) and found out that people have posted so cool videos, blog posts, photos and what ever and I’ve missed all that. Damn it. Well that’s kind of me, I do have a tendency to close and just do stuff by myself and keep people outside. Good example was a week before last week when I had my phone on silent and didn’t return any calls.. I didn’t feel like doing it. I was just reading my school stuff, writing reports, walking with the dogs and being with myself. Someone more into psychology might have something to say to this or might like to ask more. lol You can call me schizophrenic or manic-depressive if you like, I do sometimes even though they don’t really fit me. 😉

I feel so great after being to the gym for 4 times in past 5 days. I had almost 2 weeks of doing nothing and now feel like million bucks. I still thought I’d do something more for a while. I have decided to do my usual routines and then spend 20-30 minutes doing cardio before stretching and getting home. I have felt like I’m missing something and I’ll try if it’s that. I have thought about adding one session, just cardio, to my “plan”. There’s nothing wrong with it since I’m on quite laid back gym-schedule. 🙂

Oh, It’s only 4 weeks to christmas.., sorry: HOLIDAY break. We do have few assignments and 4 exams to come before that, but I’m excited to get some time off. I do have to read for one exam thatä’s right after the break, but the break is all the way until next february! Yes, I will be away from school until 1st of february.. 🙂 During this break I will have to work to get some food on the table and to pay my bills, but I will try to have as much freetime as possible and a time just for myself. Most likely I will be extremely anti-social during that time, maybe close to a neanderthal with severe headache..


I can fly, can’t I?

I can fly, can’t I?

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At least there is one big ugly wing to help..

What has happened so far

Well, at least regarding my new found hobby of exercising. I have been so busy and bit sick, so I have missed almost two weeks in gym. Yes, I have been NOT working out for almost two weeks. Then on wednesday evening I had the time and energy on top of the fact that I didn’t feel sick! It felt awesome to get back! In fact I felt so pumped that I did my routine in 10min faster time than usually and I did go up a notch with the weight, in EVERYTHING! It did feel great. Then on thursday I did not have the time to go to the gym, too much school stuff to do and an exam on tuesday, but I did do my little home routine with my dumbells. Yesterday I took a day off and I’m going to gym this afternoon and most likely again tomorrow morning. This only because I do not have time to go to gym on monday and tuesday is also going to be busy day. Most likely I will do my home routine on monday evening and have day-off on tuesday. 🙂

But, I did find out few things last week. I haven’t been on a scale for long time, but I did notice that I have lost some fat, a lot more than I realized. It has happened slowly, but surely, and since I see myself multiple times a day, I haven’t noticed it before. Then I did spend some time in front of mirror and did look through my whole body. I know, this sounds funny, but I was really surprised how much has happened during past four months. I’m not a skinny guy nor a bodybuilder, but I have lost lot of the extra weight I was carrying in form of fat. I have also gained quite a lot of muscle mass, even though it doesn’t show too much. The reason why it was hard to see earlier is that the muscle has replaced the lost fat volume underneath and the fat on top of that is hididng what is underneath. Well, I had an idea since I’ve gone to almost double weights compared to the ones I started with.. lol

This has been a huge motivation booster! My diet has changed a bit all the time, but I am still eating like a normal person. There’s no strick diet and I still have the taste as the most important thing when talking about food. I love good food, if you didn’t already know. I have gone to more healthy direction in general, that’s the change. I have left out lot of snacks and I am eating 5-6 times a day rather than just 2-3 times I used to. When I have a snack I’m eating a carrot, maybe a sandwitch made out of dark bread.

I have also jumped in the supplement wagon. I have a friend and a neighbor who has been ery helpfull with routines and supplements. I’m having mild combination of stuff that’s good for non-competiting “sunday” athlete. It contains creatine, recovery drink and couple other elements and I have to say that it has made real difference. Recovery is faster, I feel like I have more energy for workout, it’s easier to get into the “pump zone” when working out. Also when doing this “baby heavy-duty” routine I have, the pain doesn’t feel so bad. fact it feels good to be on the edge from the 1st repeate! lol

I am glad that I decided to start this again. I do feel different, lot better than before. I just hope that I can keep my head leveled since after I discovered the results, I have been on the edge. The edge of taking it easy versus going for the other extreme. More mass, more power, more EVERYTHING AND FAST! I will most likely balance somewhere in between. My goal was to get back in shape, but now I feel like I have endless possibilities.. I just have to continue consistently and concentrate on the hard work of building the base for anything and everything else. Maybe after a year I have achieved enoguht o start thinking if I should find a new goal..




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This has to be the best parking job so far! Right in the middle of walkway and I took this photo while standing in the parking spot. There is also huge parking lot right across the street, he parked next to it’s drive way. Oh, it’s free parking too..