Lazy days

Yesterday was the first day for me with the international class at school, in fact it was the orientation day for the class and it was first day for everyone else. I didn’t have school or anything on monday and tuesday and after wednesday at the orientation, I don’t have anything for today (thursday) and tomorrow friday. This is weird, I’m so pumped up about studying that this doing nothing feels unbearable. I know I’ll look back at these days of nothing with envy in few months, but now it feels stupid. Well, I’ll start on monday so I have only 4 days of nothing before that. ..and I have lot to do on weekend!

I had a massage on sunday and I feel still feel like new person even though I did quite hard workout last night. I was so exhausted I was barely able to drive home from the gym! I got good sleep last night and this morning not a single sore muscle! Sure my body is still bit worn from the workout, but I feel good. I will get back to gym later today for another workout and I hope I can do that tomorrow too. I try to get three days in a row of hard workout, saturday off and back another massage on sunday and then to gym on monday afternoon. I hope this plan works, but I don’t mind if I have to skip one day in the gym and do crosstrainer or something instead. 🙂



Having fun

Having fun

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.At the doggy park. Making noise and disturbing people, just the way we like it!

40 Questions

Yet again I’m lame and do what someone else has done earlier, that is Lex again. Sorry, but I’m out of ideas myself. I also EDITED few questions since I’m posting in here and not there. 😉 So, go on and do it yourself too, I don’t mind and I don’t think Lex will mind either. 😉

1. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN BLOGGING? For “real” from August 2005, started at Blogger..

2. WOULD YOU EVER TELL YOUR MOM THAT YOU HAVE HAD SEX?  Uhm, no, but I don’t think it would be surprise to her. Somethings just are things you do but don’t talk about it to everyone. Call me old fashioned, but I can’t see myself talking about my sex life with my mom..

3. DOES YOUR MOM SMOKE? Nope, I heard a rumor she did for a year or so when she was in university..

4. WHO’S PROFILE DO YOU LIKE THE MOST ON MYSPACE? I like all my friends equally.. Some just tad more equally than others.. 😮 

5. ARE YOU ASHAMED OF HOW MANY PEOPLE THAT YOU’VE HAD SEX WITH? Nope, even though there’s few times I should have skipped.. 😉

 6. IF YOU COULD HAVE ANY CAR WHAT WOULD IT BE? It changes, but right now it would be MTM prepped Audi RS6 Avant. Family car with around 550HP would be nice..


8. DO YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF LUCKY? Right now yes, but in general not too lucky..


10. ARE YOU A LIKEABLE PERSON? In first glance yes, but when people get to knowe me they like me or hate me. I don’t want to get too close with people and it really takes time with most people. Then there’s some who feel like long lost pal the second we meet. I can be real asshole if I’m in the mood though..

11. WOULD YOU PREFER FRIENDS THAT ARE GIRLS OR GUYS? I do get along with women whole lot better than with most men, but I don’t have really close female friends. All of the best pals are guys. I know lot of people but I have very few friends. I like it that way. 

12. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE THING TO DO ON A TUESDAY NIGHT? I’m not sure, but I think they start showing Oz from season one on tuesdays, so that.. If it’s not on tuesdays, I don’t know..


14. WHICH WOULD YOU LIKE BEST: A DIAMOND RING OR A DIAMOND BRACELET? I don’t wear that kind of jewellery so which one is more expensive.. I could sell it and buy something REALLY cool!

15. WHAT IS THE MOST PAINFUL THING THAT YOU’VE EVER ENDURED? My life so far? Seriously, I don’t know. Physically maybe my back or knees when they snapped. Mentally, I don’t want to talk about it.. 😉

16. WHAT IS ONE THING THAT YOU CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT? There’s so many things that I wouldn’t want to live without.. But I would say my imagination. You can take everything else away and I would be able to live. Even in 2’x2′ cage.. But if my mind would be taken away.. You get the picture. 

17. WOULD YOU SAY THAT YOUR GLASS IS HALF EMPTY OR HALF FULL? I would like to say: “Depends what Im drinking.” but someone smarter did it before me so.. I try to keep my glass filled since it used to be half empty for long time..

18. HAVE YOU EVER TALKED TO A GRAVE WHERE SOMEONE WAS BURIED? Those have been the couple of my most important discussions.

19. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU WENT TO THE DOCTOR? A month ago. She gave me great pills and told me to take care of my back.. 😉 

20. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM? Uhm.. I’m not team sport guy. 49ers rock though.. 😉 

21. DO YOU PREFER SHOES, SOCKS, OR BARE FEET? Bare feet, but not in winter time.

22. IF YOU COULD HAVE SEX WITH ONE PERSON ON YOUR FRIENDS LIST WHO WOULD IT BE? Oh, it’s “could” not “had to”. Next, please.  

23.IF YOU COULD’VE GROWN UP DURING ANOTHER TIME WHEN WOULD IT HAVE BEEN? I would’ve been one of the first to get decaputated in Celtic clan fights or the one who starved to death on Viking ship because was allergic to seafood… 😉 

24.IF YOU COULD CHANGE YOUR NAME WHAT WOULD IT BE? I’m happy with my name. I’ve been thinking about taking my mother’s lastname though.. 

25. WHO IN YOUR FAMILY DO YOU ACT THE MOST LIKE? I’m told I sound like my dad time to time.. Otherwise I don’t know..

26. WOULD YOU WEAR YOUR PJ’S ALL THE TIME IF YOU COULD? I don’t have PJ’s. I don’t feel comfortable running around the house naked all day so I have y old shorts and old t-shirts for that..

27. IF MARY JANE WAS LEGAL WOULD YOU SMOKE IT? Is this trick question? Seriously, I have given up all those bad habits. 

28. WOULD YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF: A SOCIAL DRINKER, DRUNK, OR A NON DRINKER? Mosty non-drinker. but Social when I drink. I don’t count a bottle of redwine with good food as drinking. 

29. HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR EX? She’s someone I do like and respect, but even though we get along great so much went wrong that it feels awkward time to time. She’s like the part of my ife I want to keep separate from everything else so neither part would fuck up either.. Sounds weird.

30.WHEN YOU GO TO A BAR DO YOU TRY TO GET FREE DRINKS? I get them even though I don’t want..

31. DO YOU LIKE YOUR JOB? I’m student again, so yes. 

32. WHAT DO YOU WEAR TO WORK MOST OFTEN? Depends how I feel. At school I can go easy and sleazy or smooth and nobody cares. lol

33. ARE YOU ATTRACTED TO BAD BOYS/Girls? I wouldn’t say that. I like strong characters with right amount of softness. I like omen who know what they want and if they don’t know, they don’t stay wondering. I HATE undecicive people.

34. WHAT ARE YOU DOING RIGHT NOW? Posting this and watching “Band of Brothers” DVD. 

35. HOW MANY TIMES A DAY DO YOU TELL SOMEONE YOU LOVE THEM? Never enough, but I do my best. I’m such and idiot, but at least I know it.. 😉

36. IF YOU COULD BE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW WHERE WOULD YOU BE? This second? NYC and tomorrow in Calapagos..

37. WHEN YOU NEED SOME ALONE TIME WHERE YOU DO GO? In my head, take a walk with the dogs. It depends on where I am. 

38.WHAT HAVE YOU EATEN TODAY? I had large bacon, cheese and beef hamburger, medium fries and large coke. I know, I know.. But I’m going to get rid of that in the gym tonight.. Extra 20min in the crosstrainer.. damn it.

39. WHAT IS YOUR FAV THING ABOUT THE PERSON WHO POSTED THIS? She’s genuine and fun person. Likes good music and uses the almighty F-word like it should be used! ..and I learned whole new word from her about a year ago (?). 

40. WHO DO YOU THINK WILL DO THIS SURVEY? Some one with extra time or bored?

How dumb can you..

How dumb can you..

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I doubt this cars need for a pipe like that.. And it looks plain stupid..

Annoying hits

I’ve been getting few hits with search keywords like “what happens to nina meyers in 24” and different variations of that. So, I thought I’d be usefull for once:

Jack Bauer shoots Nina in 3rd season. She dies and that’s it, now you know.. If you want to know more, go and watch every episode from first of first seson to the latest available!


Times are changing


I’ve been thinking about this earlier, but it hit me again while I was in shower earlier (no, not a dirty thing..). This probabpy adapts/works for your country too, but this is how it was/is in Finland.

My dad went to work while he was still studying his Master’s degree in Engineering. He did study straight from high school on until he got the Master’s in Engineering. Anyway, he did go to work, did his graduation work for the company. This was his first and only job from that time to today. Sure the company was merged to another, then one company bought them, they were merged again and so on, but he has worked in same place ever since. he has been promoted now and then, few raises and bonuses every year and so on.

This was how it was for his genetarion: you graduate and get yourself a good job and work there until you retire. That was the mentality, that was the goal. And my father accomplished that, sort of. Times have changed and he has been forced to manouver in the corporate world to maintain his status. Of course his degree and experience (one of the original engineers who designed the whole thing..) has been helping and the fact that he delivers what he promises and so on.. But now he’s waiting for the forthcoming merging with another company, no not waiting to work in new enviroment, but waiting for an package offer when they lay-offs start. He’d like to get the management’s package and not a job in new organisation. Yup, he’s got few years before retirement and he’s old enoguh to qualify for the retirement package in the company. ..he just fears they want to keep him after all.

And for me? I have been kind of floater since I got out of school, I didn’t know what I wanted to do and tried this and that and that way built the idea of what I want to do. My brief work history, not in chronological order:

-Lumberjack, I loved it! physical work and you saw the progress of your work first hand

-Cabbie, I loved the driving, but the pay wasn’t good enough for me (I wasn’t good enough?)

-Bartender/Waiter, I loveed the job, but I did drink too much at that time..

-Tech support/customer care, loved the job and collegues, but it didn’t work out. A promise was broken and I left..

– Phone-sales, I did that for one afternoon and thought it wasn’t for me

There’s few other jobs, but you get the picture from those, I’ve done this and that.

For my generation it has been different: after graduating everyone wanted a job that would give good contacts, would look good in CV and would give good base for the next and better job. It’s still like this, I think and it’s even more competitive.

Few years back the companies were looking for ONLY just graduated, young people who would come cheaper but who would be hungry and extra-motivated. Now they also want 5-12 years of experience on top of that. How does it work? I think there’s something wrong with the picture: 24yrs old, Master’s degree and 10 years working experience?!

I’m 30 and will me closer to 35 when I graduate “for good”. I will have total of three degrees, 10years of work experience, I demand pay that matches the work and I know it’s not fun at work but I’m reasy to get things done, not only done but so that nobody can say it sucks. I hope it’s my kind of time then, because right now people like that are not too hot in job-market even though we have first hand experience from the “grass-roots” level of work force and have seen so many incompetent bosses to know good boss when we see. AND know how to be a good boss. 😉


Lazy Fucker

Lazy Fucker

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Taking a nap in local supermarket..