Depression, frustration and axiously waiting

Feels like I have lost it. I know it’s just a phase that’ll go by, but Ifeel like I can’t get a decent post out of me these days. I have posted about my website plans, but not specific enough to make them even remotely interesting to anyone. Even I get bored reading them!

I think I have this late-winter depression/boredom and it’s really kicking in hard. I’m anxiously waiting for spring and summer. I can’t wait to get rid of this shit that’s mixture of snow, wet snow and water. It’s everywhere and weather is gray all the time. No wonder I’m tired all the time. Ok, the work takes it’s toll too, but still..

I haven’t even heard from Paulie the Pig, Rattyberry Finn and the Flickr Monkeys for a while. Damn, I may have to try to find out what’s up with all of them. I have seen Paulie and Ratty around the house, but they have been relatively quiet and behaved..



Measuring didn’t help

On monday we went to get a table from the Jumbo mall. There’s this one interior design ahop that sells new and old. This table was old, just to let you know. 😉 It is rather massive, but not that big after all. I had the measurements on paper and did some measuring of my cars trunk. It seemed bit tight, but I thought I could fit it on the back seat with some work.

Well, when it was time to put the desk/table in the trunk, I realized that it was way too big. I would fit inside, but the trunk opening wasn’t big enough! In fact, it was whole 4″ too narrow. Sure, the inside of the trunk was wide enough since I do not have spare tire in there, but the trunk opening. Shit. It was time to put it in the backseat. When I measured the reardoor opening and backseat, I didn’t remember that the table feet had these woods between them.. I couldn’t fit the damn thing in my car at all!!

After a thought or two, I decided to put it table-top facing front and legs facing back in the trunk, since when the trunk lid was open, it fitted just there between the lid and trunk opening. Well, didn’t fit, i needed to force the lid up about an inch, but it nicely clamped the table in place. The table itself is dark wood colored and I had tiedowns that are dark brown, so in darkening night you couldn’t see the tiedowns wrapped around the table from few feet away or farther.. So, people were watching and pointing us when we drove by. Fortunately it’s 5min drive from the mall to home and I drove as carefully as possible.

Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos of the table tied in at the time, but I was laughing too much about the whole thing. The table is at home, but haven’t found it’s place yet. It’s got two drawers and even though the first idea was to put it in the guestroom, it’s way too good looking to hide sometwhere. I think it finds it place in the hall or in the livingroom.



Originally uploaded by D-Ma.

They’re haunting me. Behind those fuzzy smiles are hiding homicidal maniacs. They are out for blood..

I know.. You can’t get me you fuzzy cuddly little fuckers.

Deadlines and bumps

I am a person who needs to start working on the ideas before I have thought them through and ready. I usually lose interest in something when I have done thinking it out and there’s no more planning. Of course things do change when working on them, but if I do the thinking all the way, I don’t feel like there’s anything interesting left. It’s just working on the thing and making it happen as a linear process of getting from beginning to end without too much creative going on. Of course there is always problems that need to be solved and solving is something where creative thinking is needed, but it’s just beans at that point. I need to start moving on and stay few steps ahead with the planning while executing part of the plan.

I don’t mean that I jump in something, I do like to make a rough plan, arough map from start to finish, but I don’t like to make a strict, pixel sharp plan that doesn’t give room for chages. If there’s a strict plan, I feel it’s going to slow down to stop when there’s bump on the road. You need to do again all the plannig from the point of a proble to finish. But with flexible and somewhat open plan you have the room to make adjustments on the go without having to stop. You can start solving the problem and create all needed things around the bump and get closer and closer as your bump smoothing progress.

What I am talking here, you wonder. This is about my new website building craze and ideas. I need to get the rough idea and plan ready in my mind from these scetches I have in my mind at the moment. Then I need to start doing before I have processed and planned the whole site in my head. I know these sites are going to come out different than they look like in my mind at the moment, but I have a guidelines at the moment. Currently I’m planning and doing the rought plan based on the available resources and my skills and try to estimate how much I learn on the way when I’m working on the project.

As you can see, I’m quite excited about this thing. I think I have found an easy enough way to update and maintain my website and finally a way to have all I need in one package. We’ll see how it turns out in the end. But, don’t get too excited, this might take some time since I’m going to work on it when I feel like it and not with a deadline. This time I’m going to enjoy the whole process and do it properly.


And the ideas came from the west..

Oh joy and happiness. Last night I decided to start building my website yet again. This time I will be using web site engine or Content Management System, as they’re called in the “industry”. I have found couple that might work, but am leaning towards Joomla! or Mambo. Probably I’ll go for Joomla! since I have read more about it, even though they seem to be almost the same. Thanks for DailyDog for suggesting Joomla!. In fact, I had just discovered it when I read DailyDog’s email about it and got more interested in it. Hey, if someone suggests it, it must be worth something. 😉

I’m also thinking about doing all my sites with it. It would be easier to have all sites built with same thing, updating and maintaining-wise. I’m also discovering the possibility to converting my old site layout and template to Joomla!. It seems to be possible and even relatively easy, just with Dreamweaver and an extension for it.

This is going to be interesting also because I haven’t really used Dreamweaver at all, just for couple small updates. I have done most of my web designing with Frontpage and the reason for that is simple: I have had Frontpage installed to my computer as default and it comes with the Office. I don’t like it much, but it was easy to learn since it’s like “Word for Web”. And even though there may be all the similar features in both of the programs, Dreamweaver surprised me with the ease of use when I did some goofing around with it last night.I will definately work with it from now on.

This new found joy of web developement has made me want better camera. My both digi-compacts are capable of taking nice pictures, but lack ability to manually set parameters is some what frustrating. The PowerShot is better for bit more serious photographing and the Pentax WP is small enough (and water proof) to have easily with me. I need a decent digi-SLR camera as soon as possible..

And that’s not all: I do have to start thinking about new stuff for the sites. I do have an idea for my personal site, but other sites need something more in them than just the same old stuff I had earlier. I have ideas, but I’m not sure if they would work because these ideas need active visitors to work out well. I will let you know when I’ve got things sorted out and if I need help, I will politely ask if anyone of you could contribute. But for now, It’s all ideas and I haven’teven started to work on them..


Firewall tight as a dolphin’s.. ..

This is weird, interesting and annoying at the sametime. What? Well, the new IE security holes. They have not been patched yet and this has lead to the situation where our “company” network is bit tighter. This means that most of the active parts of websites are not working. I don’t mind, but since this stuff is blocked, many sites look somewhat weird having stuff missing. This also breaks the layout in many cases and sites are not readable any more.

At first I blamed the IT department since they were the ones blocking stuff, but then I though something else. I know that webmasters are not prepared to situation like this and most of the functional pages are just lucky rather than designed to work under this kind of conditions. Personal pages and some small businesses having problems like this is acceptable since they probably don’t have the resources to have their sites tweaked to the max, but I think larger companies should have web sites that would work no matter what, well almost.

Many large corporate sites detect plugins and settings (if cookies are enabled etc.) and adjust the layout/page to that so it shows everything just right. But now many sites don’t look that good. They are the sites that have all the cool animations and little thingies in there and other active modules on the page. Sometimes I even get blank pages after clicking a link on main page! I can tell you that my mobile phone, broadband and cable-tv plans stay just the way they are because I was unable to browse the service providers’ pages on my coffee break. I just thought I’d see what’s available and if there’s better deals for me. No there weren’t.. 😉 For some reason my OWN providers had working web sites, go figure. 😛


Still waiting..

I see nobody have donated me money even thought the PayPal “Donate” button has been up and running for a while now. So, what should I do to get some dough from you guys? Ah, what ever, I never thought I’d become rich with that thing anyway. 😉

On the other hand, I want to discuss about my little jump into WordPress world. I have been playing with the WordPress blog for a while now, but it seems it’s not my cup of the at the moment. I seem to be unable to tweak the theme by myself, which is a bust since I have few thingies in my navigation bar and need to do some alterations to it anyway. This was basicly the only thing why I’m not going to swap there.

I can post via email, post Flickr photos and what ever with Blogger AND WordPress. I need a free blog, I’m not going to pay a dime for blogging. Though I am looking for a full website engine where I would have photo galleries, quality blog, news, pages and what ever else. I need a website engine that would be easy to maintain and would have all the features I want. Now that’s something I could pay for. I would have a domain and a host for my own personal site, so that’s covered.

I have thought about getting a blog engine and then something like PostNuke for rest of it, but I still would need the possibility to send pics to galleries and blog via email.. Currently I will continue my life with Blogger/Blogspot blog and Flickr account since I already have them and they work just fine. But despite this, I still dream of one package that I would have on my own host.. ..and it should be Flickr compatible. 😉

So, if you have suggestions, please do comment or email them to me so I can look into it/them. 😉