not really mobile app available, but close!

I did try logging in with my mobile browser, but encountered a little problem. I had signed up through the “Connect with Facebook option, hence I had not given any password nor email when registering. When I was looknig at the sign in page on my phone browser there was NOT Connect with Facebook option available after all.. So, I tried to reset my password etc, but obviously that was not possible.

Now that I finally got to log in with a computer, I cannot change my “credentials”, meaning there is no way to change email or password. Which is logical since I registered through Facebook..

Next there is NOT an app, but mobile optimized page available. Not exactly what I posted about earlier when I was hoping for an app for S60 phones. But if/when I get to using the mobile page, it will have to do.

Well, I just have to keep using Moozement through copmuter and wait for brighter future. I still think it’s pretty nice service, definately worth checking out!



Social Media and Networks, Mobile Applications: Future?

One of the hit apps in Nokia N97 is definitely the Facebook app that comes with the phone. When looking at the most popular phone apps of any OS or platform, the social media apps are there in the tops. It is safe to say that social media, news and utility apps are the three most popular app types for phones these days. And if we look deeper into these categories, the news and utilities include variety of different apps offering different content and functions. Social media apps usually give users access to their favorite social network or way to communicate and send messages to their networks.

Lot of companies are offering their own services: Nokia Beta Labs has FriendView and Google has Latitude. These two are very similar, but still different services. Essentially both of them show you and your friends’ location on a map. There are multiple Twitter apps available for all phone platforms, each offering slightly different features and specialties. I assume that Twitter apps are in fact the largest group of the social networking apps available for phones today.

The social networking is relatively new phenomenon; it is safe to say that it has really been a mainstream thing for less than five years. Sure the services have been available longer, but the average citized has jumped in the wagon only during the few past years.

In the same time the mobile phones have developed as well as the data packages’ pricing has gone down. This has made it easier for the not so tech savvy average person to use these services and not to worry about the costs. We have to remember that sms and mms have been around for a while and using email with mobile phone is also quite new thing for most of the people.

Today the combination of the two have changed the direction of what people want, what is possible and what we never thought about before. Lot of today’s technology is something that we never thought of 10 or 15 years ago. Who would’ve needed internet on a phone or even have the guts to ask for a web pages designed specifically for a mobile devices?! These days the services that do not have mobile pages are the ones who fell off a while ago.

Let’s think about news. I do still watch evening news from TV, but I think it is more of a re-cap or addition to what I have learned during the day via internet and mobile news services. If a news service does not have mobile site or mobile service, I am not following them. Not because I don’t like them, just because they are not offering the news in the form that is suitable for my needs. To simplify it, why would I read a sheet size newspaper in bus when there’s smaller, easier to read newspaper available?

Today the quality of the content is even more important, but since there are so many providers available, also the medium and form of the medium can make or break the service. If I can read the news comfortably with my mobile phone, I will spend the time sitting in public transportation by reading the news. If I can’t, I will find a service that can offer me their services in mobile phone friendly form. Simple.

But let’s get back to social media. Few years back when social networking sites started to gain momentum, some people were wondering who the F**k cares what you did or ate in the morning. When some of the visionaries started talking about adding your location with gps enabled devices, these same people could not understand why someone would care what you ate, when and WHERE! It’s insane, now everyone knows where you go, no privacy at all!

The thing is that it is not interesting what you ate for breakfast, not for everyone. Not ever for most of your friends. The thing is that you don’t have to react to everything. The status updates like that are usually there to simply inform this person is up and running for the day. What the status updates are for? Well, it depends. It is up to the person who posts them. In my opinion it is about quick shouts about interesting things I notice, what I have done, if something sucks. It’s something even less formal and more public than a text message to your friends. It is just a comment one could say while hanging out with friends and you would not specifically expect a reaction. It can also be a conversation starter.

But what about the location sharing? Well, it is up to you if you want to show your whereabouts 24/7 to whole world. You can switch the feature off! Amazing! How smart! 😉 There are lots of uses for this thing. You go out on the beach, post about it and leave your location available for your friends to see. So if they’re around, they can find you or message/email/call you “Hi!”. You can spice up your vacation trip blogging by adding your whereabouts ie as GoogleMaps points for whole world to see.

Social networking is gaining popularity even more now that there are applications and services available for everyone to customize their web presence. The genius about this all is that everyone can decide exactly how they utilize the services; same service can do different things for different things. When the experience is personal and the user feels they can contribute the way they want, you have a killer service/application.

But where is this all going to lead us? What is the next big thing? Who knows. There are lot of interesting services and startups coming out all the time. Some of them look silly, but somehow really cool. Some are instantly cool. Which of these will survive? Which ones will blossom? It’s not easy to predict how the masse will take and find new things. On paper or in brief description Twitter doesn’t sound much, but right now it is the hottest thing in the field. Who would’ve known that “microblogging service where you can post messages containing 140 characters or less” would become so popular?

ICQ was the hottest IM available back in the day and how things look right now? It is still around, but people are referring IMs in general as “Messenger”. Like Xeroxing, ripping Velcro or using Teflon pan? I hope the ICQ guys got a good price from AOL.. 🙂

D-Ma; something quite interesting

I found this new social network related site through a friend of mine. I say social network related since the main idea is that you will have your exercising diary in a simple for in the site. You can then network inside the service with the friend signed in.

I have not really had the time to browse through the service, but there are “gazillion” different activities you can choose from. You choose the activity and time spent, add heart rate if you wish and even additional notes (” went well, will do harder next time” or “sucked big time, I will stop exercising and fatten up again. Not worth it..”). The exercises are visible to your buddies and/or all users, depending on your privacy settings, I assume.

What is the thing today, is the posibility to send your exercises for example to Twitter and Facebook. You need to authorize Moozement to Twitter and then you’ll have simple “Gym 1h 15min @” message in your feed. I do not know if  the heart rate and notes will show up there when added. In Facebook Moozement will add an app. It then shows a list of your exercises and the time, heart rate and possible additional notes.

I like the idea of this service and I am excited about it since it’s a start-up which is developing all the time. New features are added, etc. Now, I have a wishlist already:

– I am using Nokia Sports Tracker. A possibility to somehow integrate kml files and reports generated with ST. I know ST has its own site and service, but it would be nice to have that stuff there too. If not in form of a map, but at least a link. Is there this already? I did not find it.

Mobile phone app! Something I could use to instantly post my exercises from gym or immeaditely after I have hopped off my bicycle. Also the possibility to browse my exercise history and mayne friends’ too? Similar to the Nokia N97 Facebook app? EDIT: I was kindly enough informed tha there is infact an app for S60 and iPhone mobiles!! 😉

All in all I am excited to see if I will be active enough to post all my exercises over there and if it will give me the extra boost to get up and go sweating when I don’t feel like it. Will it make me do more? Let’s see. I have to get up and hit the gym by my bicycle as soon as this summer flu is done deal. 😉


Where have I been?

Well, I have been bit busy and really tired for the past few weeks. It’s september and it was again time to start a new semester. I still do work at the same time and have all the other things to do, so it has been a constant battle. But I think I’m finding the balance, slowly but surely..

Yes, the car crash did take it’s toll too, in many ways. I spent time trying to figure out what type of car I should go for and ended up going “smart”. Since we’re going to move to UK next fall, I decided to get a car that was as new and fuel efficient as possible, but still have enough room for all of us. This meant it had to be stationwagon.. I ended up getting a newish (still 7yrs younger than the previous!) Renault Megane stw. Funny enoguh the engine is about half the size of the Omega’s engine, but since the car is small and relatively light, it’s not that slow even though it’s no rocket. Let’s say that it’s performance is enough to keep me from crying behind the wheel.. 😉 I was tempted to go for bit more expensive and luxurious ride, but I have to keep in mind I should try to save as much money as possible for the UK move and year.

I am most likely going to get close to what I paid for the Renault when I sell it and I theught it was no use to buy the “moving/traveling car” yet. There were not too many too choose from this time and I assume there will be domething right available during the next 11 months. I am looking at a car/van/mini-van/truck that would be comfy for two people and two dogs with our luggage when we’re driving close to 3000miles. It has to have rating for a trailer that can haul some stuff there and back, plus some extra capability for the extra stuff comingback.. Currently I am thinking about Chevy conversion van (“Starcraft”), Suburban or similar. Ford Excursion is way too big for the need and it’s too expensive on top of that.. Sure enough I prefer turbo diesel engine for towing and longer trips. There also should be the obvious accessories/stuff, like AC, towing kit, roof rails, etc..


Smartius Minimus

Smartius Minimus

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Well, after the asshole with his Volkswagen, this Toyota man thought it was cool to backup into the exit lane and start getting the trolley, wife and kid out of the fucking car!! I mean, what the fuck?! Why not just drive in front of the main entrance and do the shit there? Sometimes I am ashamed of being an individual representing one of the dumbest animals on the face of this earth…

Idioticus Maximus

Idioticus Maximus

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This brainiac decided to park in the middle of hotel exit-way! I took this pic from the entry lane..

What was he thinking?!

What was he thinking?!

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This piece of shit parked just in the middle of everything!! It’s 4 feet out from the curb stones and in the middle of drive way towards where I was. I’m waiting anxiously what happens next since it’s in hospital area and the handicap vans are about to start their pick-ups.. And it’s more than just few vans.. What an asshole!!