Another (over a) week gone by..

I have had the intention to post here, but for reason or another I haven’t had time.. ..or energy. Lazy me.. 😦

I noticed that only comments I get these days are people promoting their own “blog” or site or what ever they are called. I’m not too thrilled about that, but I assume I’m not the only one. You know, this “nice” comment that your blog is cool and you should visit my blogs and so on.

People, if you’re serious, just comment that my blog is cool and I check out your profile and go see your blog! If there’s link straight to the blog in the post, I will most likely just skip it and even might remove that comment after a while. On the other had, if there’s some cool link related to the topic, just post it then. You (should) know what’s spamming (or looks like spamming) and what’s real deal.

Oh, and workwise: I’ve been workingmy ass off and love it! LOL Today, friday, I’m going to sneak out of the office soon after noon and take a nap.. I got to office at 6:45am and that’s still bit early since I have some overtime left on me. Well, I have some spare minutes and hours for next week.

And another thing.. I’m going to be student again next fall (2006), well that has been the plan for a long time.. But I have been in between what to study. But during this early fall, I have decided my path and it’s not going to be easy task, for me at least. I’m going to get a degree in marketing during the next year, while working. Then it’s off to studying security. Yes, I’m going for corporate and private security. That’s not too far from my original idea for information tech security, but I feel there’s more for me in the other end of this field. And the goal is Master’s degree.

Of course I had to check out if there’s universities in US to do ie. semester there, but I haven’t found just the one. There’s lot of interesting courses at few universities, but nit exactly what I’m looking for. But no need to panic, there’s so many universities and I have just gone through few.

But, now back to work.


PS. And again, I’m the first one in the office, but today I will not be the last one out!! 😉


Yet another day

I’ve been really busy at my new job. I didn’t realize it until yesterday night when I found out I had worked approx 90min overtime every day. And that’s interesting since the work I do is something that’s not deadline based or scheduled. I know, now someone thinks that it’s great place to spend 8 hours a day doing just the minimum. Not exactly. And that’s not just me, I like to have things to do at work. It’s going to make day go by lot faster.

I have this assignment until august 2006. And that also means, that what I do here should be done before that and I should have some time on the support side of my work for a period of training my successor.

But, when I realized this work is taking lot of my time, I also came to one conclusion: for some weird or even perverse reason I like my job (at this time). There’s nothing wrong with that, is there? And yes, I do get those hours and can use them later. Which is where I was going with this thing. I decided that fridays are not that important days. I can work my ass off all week and then on friday I’ll just do a brief report and make plans for next week and leave couple hours earlier. Of course this still leaves me with extra hours. Since the nature of my contract and employer, I cannot take those hours as salary. I have to use them as freetime. It’s oke, this way I get few more days off work.

That’s about it right now. I’ll try to get back to you again, asap.


I’m alive but busy..

..sorry about that, people.
I finally got better this week, but most of my time has vanished at new job. I should have started monday, but since I was sick, I was able to crawl to work on tuesday morning. Unfortunately I wasn’t ok, so I’ve been exhausted every day after work.
Now, on friday, I’m feeling well enough to think something else than just staying up at work.
I have this weird theory, but More about that later today.
EDIT: I forgot that theory, so no posts about that.. Sorry..

My life really sucks right now..

I got finally better over week ago, but then, last week’s saturday, I got sick again.

I’ve never had this high temperature nor this sore throat. Last week went in a flash, painfull and slimy flash, that is.

I was so sick and to top this, my fiancee got sick too! I have to thank my mom for the rest of my life, since she was kind enough to offer refugee for the dogs. We were so sick we couldn’t take them out after couple days in the sickness. Now they’re still at my mom..

I went to doctor and right now I eat more pills than food.. least it feels like it. 😉

I’ve had so much on my mind in those brief moments of sanity, but we’re too dead to get up and walk to another room, boot my computer and post those thoughts.. And when they’re gone, they’re gone. Well, I have few things in my mind, but I’ll post them when I’ve had time toi get better and time to think them through..

And remind me to tell you about this weird fever-dream/hallucination about my skin being thin glass and my adventure with this big mean looking dog.. Insane? Maybe, but still the only dream I can remember.. ..almost only THING I can remember.. ..from last week..


I’m Back home!


I got back yesterday noon. Had few things to do, but now I’m back for good (for now?). Ok, I might take some tprips in the future, but right now I’ll just stay home and do what I usually do and blog somewhere along the way. 😉

It’s saturday morning and I’m downloading photos from my camera. I have this card-reader, but for some freaking reason it’s not working at all.. So, I have to download directly from camera and that takes approx 10 times longer. I’m bit pissed off since we need to get going in 20min and there’s this little timer saying it takes 40min to download all pics from camera.

Yes, I really need to have empty card in camera since we’re going to need the camera today. And we’re going to take lot of pictures..

Anyway, I’ll get back to you later today when I’m back home (again) and don’t have things to do..


Hangover.. big time..
Right now I’m at the point where I crave for big juicy cheese burger, fries and soda. Unfirtunately I have to wait for couple more hours before I am able to fullfill this need..