I want one of these!!

Segway XT – Four Wheeler




Today I have slept some, rested some more and been thinking. To avoid boredom, I usually just think and play with thoughts and ideas. I was bit tired of computers today and didn’t have anything good to watch from tv. Ok, there’s lot of good stuff on Discovery, Animal Planet and National Geographic channels, but I didn’t feel like that. I was just laying down and lazily browsing through few magazines on the living room table. I found myself browsing through Guitar World issue March 2006 and Modern Drummer from 1998.. The cover is long gone, but it seems to be 1998 issue..

While browsing through the magazines, I started to wonder why I had that old drumming magazine out in the box where I have the newest magazines. I have moved gazillion times since 1998 and this table and it’s boxes were still growing as a tree in forest somewhere.. I know I saved this issue, because there’s a story about Dream Theater’s Mike Portnoy. Guitar World issue was there because it’s the latest at the moment.

I’ve liked Thream Theater stuff earlier, but when I heard the Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence album few times, I was sold. That was the album that really lured me into the world of Dream Theater. Earlier I thought their music was bit too complex for every day listening, but with Six degrees.. I got really into Dream Theater world.

These thoughts lead to another thought, who inspired me to play and make my own music? Who were the musicians whose music made me really love music? This is tough one and still easy one. These days I can’t tell who really inspire me, there’s so many awesome musicians and groups. For example, there’s this one piece on Discovery Channel, it’s their own spot and the music is awesome. It’s just total of 45sec piece, but it’s just great. I have to turn up the volume every time it’s on. lol Then there’s lot of stuff on the radio that I don’t know who’s tunes they are, but parts from here and there are great. Then there’s lot of new bands and artists, like Shift!, Order of The Day (Thanks for the tip, Lex. 😉 ) and the good old ones like, Carlos Santana, Metallica and so on. All of these give me inspiration, musically or otherwise. Good music can help you tune in some vibe or feeling, good music can cheer you up, it can get out the laugh or cry you need. Good music can be like a good friend.

But, my early days heros and inspirations are partly weird, funny and cool. Kiss is definately one. They were something else and they had great songs for just having fun and hanging out. It was easier to listen for a kid than the stuff my parents had: Hendrix, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Muddy Waters, The Yardbirds, Clapton and so on. I found those when I got into playing music. When the Kiss and other rock groups were in the rotation, they were a bridge to Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and likes. It was like going from new to old. Sabbath and Led Zeppelin got me interested in more moody and dark tunes. Then, one day everything changed: Napalm Death and grindcore was in the house. This led me to thedark and hard world of all the extreme metal genres.

I have told people different stories about what got me into playing music and they are true stories, but today I got deep enough to really find the turning point. I was already going in the direction, but the last push was when I got the Obituary’s album Cause of Death. James Murphy’s guitar playing was just something else. He was shredding now and then, but the melodic playing and that sound! Even though the drums had the trademark Morrisound thump (Obituary, Sepultura and who else all sounded about the same..), it was awesome. I was into drumming, but this guitarist got my attention.

Later Fear Factory‘s Demanufactured album caught my attention. Songs and playing were so tight and the sounds were these raw, but clear scifi vibe sounds. It was something else.. It’s still one of my favorite groups, even though the line-up changes.

There’s lot of other bands that I like and who have inspired me, but there’s not enough room in a post that is somewhat reasonable in length. These just were in top of my list when I started writing this.

I just have to add, that later I got into all kind of sissy music, I just didn’t care about genres anymore and started to listen all stuff that just felt and sounded good..


Tuesday blues

I’m home today. I was so tired and it feels like someone put gravel in my throat, it really feels like shit. I’ll just rest a bit, take some meds and I’ll be back at work tomorrow.

Last night I didn’t have the room to eat the last mexican inspired tortilla. Inspired because I put in there the Argentinian salsa, cheese, creme fraiche and some beef in my own sauce that was made on the fly while I was cooking. They taste rather nice after all.. I was supposed to eat just couple last night, but it really got out of hands and I ate two days load of them.. ..almost, just one left for a snack.. I know, I know..

I’ll get back to you later..


This is where it gets different

This is where it gets different
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I’m the king of the searches!

Well, at least MSN Search. If you search Dobermann in the MSN search, I’m #2 in the list! Isn’t that something or not? Only thing in front of me ist the IMDB page for the Movie Dobermann (Le Dobermann, 1997). I can live with that since I like the movie a lot. 😉

Other big search engines that count (Yahoo! and Google) didn’t list me very high. I don’t even know how high they listed since I lost interest on page ten on both of them.

I think this MSN Search thing is cool since I haven’t even tried to get listed on any search engines!


Monday morning thoughts

It’s monday morning.. I was in the office at 6:50 and my plan worked just fine. I thought I’d come in early to do the work I didn’t get done on friday. I got all done and then some extra and didn’t feel tired or even cranky, which is amazing since I woke up over an hour earlier than normally. In fact, I woke up before alarm!
Car things have been in my mind lately. Even though I was happy with the car when I bought it a year ago, I have realized I didn’t get the car I need. There’s nothing wrong with it, I’ve done lot of maintenance work and serviced it. I also haven’t driven a lot during the past year, only about 10.000km (roughly 6200miles) which is not much at all. The problem is that it’s not big enough. I need more room for dogs and since I seem to haul a lot of stuff, I need more cargo space.
Earlier I was thinking about switching to a stationwagon, but soon it felt bit small too. Most stws don’t have enough room for two dobes in the back. Then I thought about mini-van, Chrysler Grand Voyager to be exact, but they don’t have the ground clearance to go to the woods or visit my dad in his new cabin’s building site.. This clearance problem occured with my Opel and will be same with the stws.
Then I thought about small suv type of vehicle. The idea was good, but the space issue was there again, plus with the same price I would get larger one.
Now I’m in the position where Chevy Tahoe or equal would be the right for me. Due to the fact that those were not officially imported and sold in Finland people did import used ones from US. Since the taxes and other fees would be high on cars, almost all imported suvs were Suburbans. Suburban with 3500 frame will me registered as a truck and with the 6,5L turbo diesel it’s even better. So, there’s lot of late 90’s Suburbans available in good price. I just don’t need that big ride,
Life’s complicated, so on this one I will just keep on driving with my Opel for a while..

Juice of the Devil

Juice of the Devil
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Time to taste the heaven and hell.. 😉