Petty criminals

I know this is somewhat old news, but I found this interesting short article about gangs getting online. They probably have been online for a while, but now the mainstream media has noted it.

First off all I see this gang thing just stupid. I mean many of them say they wouldn’t have survived, but it’s just bullshit. I know I cannot even imagine how it is like for these people, but getting into gangs is just redicilous. Many talk about respect, but what most don’t seem to understand that fear and despise are not same as respect. Very few people do respect them. But what do I know, I’m just this foreigner shooting shit. ūüėČ

Anyway, it seems that these low-level criminals don’t think that officials, especially police, do also have internet and with a just few searches with keywords in Yahoo!, Google or MSN Search and you find those sorry ass fuckers. And as they wrote in the article, quite few cases have been getting support to the evidence from those web sites and blogs. And even though one gets the material offline, it’s always stored somewhere. In the service provider’s backup files, caches, search engine caches/archives, where ever.

I have one question: If these guys think they’re something really big, not just vandals and ordinary criminals, why they do what they do? I mean there’s the REAL big shots and high rollers out there wearing expensive suits and making millions and millions and nobody knows exactly who they are. They don’t go around fucking with the common people. They use force only when “needed”, not go berserk or flip out randomly. The days when these guys would be hard and hands on the streets were in the ’20s and 30’s and it worked then. World has changed, the successfull one’s don’t go around looking like idiots, talking nonsense and messing up with regular-Joe’s life. Hint: John Gotti was loved by the regular people because he did something for them. If not giving money or help, he made the regular people feel safe. And he was carismatic dude.

But it’s pointless to compare these two ends of the world outside the law. The gangs are just lowlife who think they’re something more and think that “one day we’re something REALLY big” and the other end is the people who really matter and have REAL power. ..and the money.