Evening fun?

Because I am lefty, I haven’t been really able to play guitar with the musician dudes around here. No, I’m not musician, I just abuse my guitar..
Now that we finally got together in the “music room” to just fool around, jam and have few cold ones. Well, we have drum set, two basses, two keyboards, two mics and zero guitars.. For a while it was fun to have two basses and drums going, but it got old pretty soon. Bass, drums, singers and keyboards were fun for a while, but after couple hours it was old too..
For some reason we miss the guitars! Nothing feels the same without guitars. We are lost.. ..drinking and music is never just as fun without guitar..
Thank god we’re off to karaoke bar later this night.. And yes, I still feel a bit sick but my temperature is in the range called normal..

Finally improvement

Yes, I’ve been sick and still am.. But I feel whole lot better, finally!
I’ve had lot of time on my hands while sick and I have spent it wisely: I’ve been watching Robin Williams, Denis Leary and few other standup comedians. I have been informed and engertained the same time. I loved especially Robin Williams’ Live at the Met show. That man is getting faster every year!! I also enjoyed Leary’s “No cure for cancer”, even though lot of people thinks he’s too angry. I just love that kind of fury and angst. He’s hilarious.
A friend of mine also played me few chapters from audio-book (or what ever it is) from ancient times. It’s called “Christianity for mentally retarded”.. ..it’s just insane!! Someone should do flash animations for those chapters! If interested, I have ideas.. 😉
I’ll get back to you later. I’ll be also back home for good next friday, so I will have more time and things to post!!

I’m still alive.

Yes, still here. I’ve been sick for over a week now.. Finally I feel good enough to play with my gadgets.
Unfortunately my desktop pc lost it’s power supply.. New one is on the way. Also my wireless router is down and I’m unable to use my laptop to connect.. Yes, I could go wired, but my router is located so high and I don’t want to crawl and get ethernet cable from my desktop and connect it to my laptop. I also have difficulties to use my Nokia 9500 as a gprs modem for the laptop.. ..can’t get it working.
And being this lazy until I get the new power installed, I’ll do my surfing with my communicator. It’s just hard enough to keep me away from internet..
I’m still sick.. ..ok, mostly just lazy.. I’ll get back to blogging when I feel better and have everything set up again. ..or I’ll just post meaningless posts in the meantime..

Monday and it feels like..

..well you can imagine the rest.

Yesterday afternoon I started to feel bit sick and tired. In fact last night was hell on earth for me (healthwise). I’ve got flu and fever. Yup, summer one.. I didn’t know where I was and what was going on for the most of the night and in the morning medicated myself just enough to go to see doctor.

Now few hours and prescription from heaven later, I feel somewhat sane (but sick) person again. I’m bit annoyed that sunday went down the toilet when I got fever and even though I have three more days to stay at home, it’s not possible to really enjoy being with my family. No, I’m just crawling from fridge to coutch to bed to fridge.. Can’t concentrate on anything on tv or dvd. Don’t really like to eat anything, but I have to. All I can get done is looking like idiot and drinking lot of fluids (hot chocolate, tea, etc.).

So, no crappy photos or boring thoughts to day.

Oh, I got another envelope prom this one university in USA that offers recording arts training. They’re sneaky. Just when I thought I’d study here back home in Finland, they mail me this new brochure about their brand new state-of-the-art facility and tell me even more things I like to hear.. I just might have to start my studies there in 2006/2007.. But: you/I never know what happens..


Few Commu-Cam pics from Salo

For some reason I do not have anything to complain and no thoughts worth of posting right now. I apologise, but now that I’m home for the weekend and away for week-days (again), I’m going to spend most of my energy and capacity to spend time with my loved ones and just check out web and email to keep myself entertained electronically. 😉

We spent most of the day at Salo (my fiancees home city) and for some reason I didn’t have a real camera with me, again. It’s funny how I always forget it.. So, I had to snap few shots with my Nokia 9500 (Commu-Cam). They suck in quality, but I hope you see the reason why I had to take them. 😉

*Oh, I’m from Helsinki, but we currently live in Vantaa.

Ok, the pics.

That’s Klementina’s head you see in the bottom of the pic. 🙂
To the opposite direction from the same spot.
That bigger vessel in the biddle is a restaurant/pub ship.

Some smaller boats.

Lazy photographer

For the last week I’ve had this intention to go photographing every evening. For some reason I’ve spent most of my time listening to people play music and jammed with them instead of doing what I had planned. Everytime there was beautifull sunset, I didn’t have my camera with me. So, I had to snap with my Nokia phone.. ..unfortunately it’s not exactly a camera, more lika phone with ability to catch blurry and grainy moments out of focus..

Still, I just have to share couple of those crappy phone photos:

One version of the sunset at the lake..

Same spot in bit different angle..

About 20m left from the earlier spot, about 26h later.

Back home for the weekend

I finally got back to civilization and high-speed connection!

Last night I finally got out with my camera and shot few pictures, 50 to be exact. Now that I got back home, I just went through them and I’m happy with about 20 of them.. ..20 of them will go and others will spend most likely rest of their digital life in my storage forder for raw pics that I didn’t like. Ometimes few lucky ones will get back to use and in photoshop for something new. Mostly not.. 😦

Anyway, I just did few little things to one picture of a old boat I found right next to the lake shore. I will go back to it in different time of the day for bit different lighting conditions and my tripod might be usefull for night pics. 🙂 Anyway, here’s three quickies i did in photoshop from that shot. I will spend more time to get just the right result, but these will do for now.. 🙂