Yet another thing I saw somewhere else..

I stumbled upon this story about Google offices while I was checking out blogs and news sites. Unfortunately I don’t remember where I found it, so sorry if you feel like I ripped you off.

Anyway, it looks cool from the photos, cool in many ways.. It fits the Google’s image and “feel”, at least I think so. Even though it looks bit cold, even with the colors, I think that the over all feeling and the people are who make the atmosphere. If there’s happy and enthusiast workers around, it will definately feel warm and techy. On the other hand if people suck, the place sucks.

I wouldn’t have office like that in my company, but I don’t have company lie or as succesfull as Google. 😉 And mine would never be that large. And since mine would never be in the industry Google is, it’s plain stupid to even bring this up. I know, I’m stupid sometimes/most of the time.

I don’t have a company office yet, but it would have feel of a (clean) blacksmith’s workshop and old tavern. I know this may sound bit weird, but try to imagine it. Bit like Het Elfde Gebot restaurant in Antwerpen (Di, you got me hooked on this one!!), but as office enviroment. Uh, I’ts hard to explain.. Of course the building has lot to do with the end result. This look wouldn’t fit in modern office building and not even in most of the older buildings. But some of those elements would make it into the end result..



Office sauna

This morning I woke up before alarm and thought “What a nice sunday.. ..WTF?! Sunday?!” and launced up from the bed. I of course thought that I had over slept even though my new phone’s alarm volume cannot be changed and it’s loud enough to kill any insect flying withing 5meters. I was glad when I realized it was 13min before I need to wake up and same time I got bit annoyed: damn, I lost §3min of sleep when I rushed like this. Oh well, that’s not too bad.

I did what ever I do in the morning (shower, eat a bit, drink some, dress up, walk the dogs, go to work) and now I’m sitting in my office sauna. Yes, it’s my room that has windows to sunrise and the sun is scorching this room until almost noon.. I do have my shades down and all, but the themperature still rises to around 33C to 35C every day, despite the A/C that is kranked to the “deep freeze” mode. This is because of the sun (obviously) and the fact that they save.. The cooling is OFF from 10pm to 7:30am and it’s not fun. The sun heats this place up from sunrise (at after 4am) on and that 3 and half hours is enough to make this room a miniature hell for office worker.

I have changed my outfit to summer gear (shorts, t-shirt and light sneakers) even though I don’t look like I belong here. Doesn’t matter, my feeling better is more important than keeping up the appearance. And one guy looking like this will give more relazed feel to whole office. 😉 Nobody has been complaining so I take it as a silent ok’ing. Well, nobody dresses really formally around here, but I do look more like guy who says “dude” a lot than someone handling papers that I am handling in the office..