It must be me..

A conversation had with cow-orker after returning to office from lunch:
cow-orker: “Where have you been?! I’ve been here waiting for you for 20min!”
D-Ma:”Well, I was at lunch. I didn’t know you were coming.”
cow-orker:”Humph, I came here straight from lunch and didn’t see you there..”
D-Ma:”Don’t you always go to that chinese place? And as you know I live right around the corner ad have lunch at home.. So yeah, I wasn’t “there”.”
cow-orker:”You came from home?? Now?? Didn’t you know you should be here by 10am??”
D-Ma:”What ever.. What’s the prob?”
cow-orker (still upset): “Uh.. Oh.. Why you have those papers here? They should’ve been sent out on friday”
D-Ma:” Cock-knocker brought them this morning and wanted an input from me”
cow-orker:”You’re not making any sense. This morning? You said you just came from home?!”
D-Ma(irritated):”Forget it, wha you want then?”
cow-orker:”You shouldn’t see those documents!”
D-Ma (sarcastic):”Oh, really? Are they going to make me sick?”
cow-orker (worried):”Why, do you feel sick? You should go to doctor. Is that why you came in late??”
D-Ma (getting really pissed off):”NO! You can take the papers and go tell Cock-knocker you took them from me..”
cow-orker (scared):”No no no no. You seem them through, but bring them to me then..”
Cow-orker leaves. I browse the documents and realize they were from me originally.. Easy, just take them to cow-orker, I thought.
15min later at cow-orker’s cubicle (at least I get my own room starting tomorrow…….)
D-Ma:”Here’s the papers you wanted.”
cow-orker:”Great! Thanks!”
Flips through the papers and goes berserk
D-Ma (blows fuse):”Because you came to me and wanted them, you moron!”
cow-orker:”Noooo!! Not THESE the other ones!”
D-Ma:”Well, those are all there were:”
cow-orker:”why ypou didn’t say so in the first place??!
D-Ma:”Because you didn’t tell what yuo wanted except you wanted these documents.”
I was so pissed off, I just had to (even though I will hear from it later) say:
D-Ma:”Does you mom drink? Does she cry a lot?”
cow-orker (puzzled):”Uhmm.. huh? Why?”
D-Ma:”Because of you?”
I left and now am here.This cow-orker is male in his late 40’s and is so f***ed up in the head department. He’s doing accounts..
Thank god I DID NOT have shotgun, battle axe or even baseball bat with me.. ..and it’s only monday..

The happiest camper at work!!

The happiest camper at work!!
Originally uploaded by D-Ma.

As you can see, I’m extremely motivated and working my fat ass off. Yippee..

Well, I also wanted to test this posting photo with email via Flickr.. 😉


Something quick

“Read these and give your opinion on the topic. By noon” Like I don’t have 100 other things to do, cock-knocker. (Thanks Lex for the word!!)


Monday morning

I’ve tried to post few times, but it has been just so busy I haven’t had time.. I started a post twice, but forgot what I was writing after couple interruptions.
So now a quick one:
-My back is killing me, had to dope myself up with prescription stuff doctor ordered me few weeks back. I hate taking anything that makes me feel weird.
-I could not sleep too well last night. First the pain then the pills kicked in and I felt too weird to sleep.
-My little tummy is giving me hard times. It gets really irritated because of those pills. Been forced to take them for about week now. No violent anal discharges, just burning my stomach.
-I still have summer tires under my car.
-I have to do 2 people’s work on top of my own. One is sick and another haven’t called in or showed up.
-Because all this, I’m sooo pissed off. I would like to have shotgun, battle axe or at least baseball bat just to keep people too scared to approach me at the office. Stapler and plastic ruler do not work as intimidation. I might have to strangle my mouse, it’s messing with me.
-No, I’m not confused by ‘what doctor ordered’, I’m just frustrated and angry.
-It will wear off during the day if there’s no more feces hitting the propeller device.
D-Ma (the Grumpy II)


Current activity: System Of A Down – Mezmerize loud enough to hear it over vacuuming..

Lazy sunday

Finally we were able to sleep well last night. First night for a while.. Dogs have had their disagreemens on which one sleps on what part of and which blanket.. I’ve been yelling at them about 3-4 times a night. Yes, yelling. When I’ve been woken up right middle of the deepest sleep, I’m not that happy camper.. Sorry, that’s just how it is.. 😉

Yesterday I went to Jumbo. It was insane! Now that they’ve opened the new part of the mall, people are going insane! It’s filled with people hauling shopping bags twice their own body weight!! Really! 😮 It was almost impossible to get parking space. Even though there’s 4600 spots, EVERY parking hall/section was blinking red FULL sign.. I finally parked at the employee parking (we have the licence in my car!) ..

Anyway, the morning was interesting yesterday. I was going to buy new jack, since the old one didn’t fit under my car (jack: 13,5cm high and car 9cm low..) because I NEED to get winter tires under the car as long as it’s not snowing again. I haven’t been driving for a while and that combined to the cold, warm and wet, freezing cold, warm and wet weather changes plus my old car battery.. know where I’m going.. ..CAR DIDN’T START!! Luckily my mom and his “dude” were coming to the Jumbo and drove past our place. I got some juice from their car. Yes, I have cables. I have cables, towing rope, small tool box, snow chains, shovel, first-aid kit, working gloes. etc in my trunk. Have had for years. Since I have had all these with me, I haven’t needed any of them until now. Not even to help someone else. So, I’ll have this arsenal with me as long as I have a car.

But, I never found a jack that’ll fit under my car. The shop that used to have low profile jacks had sold them out and weren’t able to order more since they couldn’t find the company that imported them. Old importer had gone bancrupt. Sucks..

Today it’s been gray all day. I was lazy and went to McDonalds for a breakfast at 11.30am.. Heh, my breakfast was Quarter Pounder meal and two cheese burgers.. I will not need any more food until supper.. lol While I was eating, I started watching Korean thriller called “Memories of Murder“, I’m still watching it. (Yes, I can do that and write rambling thoughts). Lately I’ve been really into these Korean movies, great horror and thrillers! Bit different than usual european or Hollywood flicks. Not necessarily happy or fair endings. Great stories and they really grab you.

Also Korean historical spectacles are great! Not kungfu, but huge fighting scenes and lots of feeling. Gives me goose bumps, they’re that good!

I am a film freak, I have to admit that. Now that I’ve gotten older, I have replaced quantity with quality. I don’t watch 5-7 movies a week but just couple a week. Sometimes none.. I have been getting back to literature which takes sometimes lot more time than movies.. Movie takes about two hours of your time, but good book can take one day if you can’t put it aside for a while..

Anyway, I’ll continue the movie and maybe can come up something to post later.


New pictures

I just went crazy at home with my camera, again.. Check out the result at Flickr.

I’ve really got into the macro and closeups. It’s just a phase, don’t worry. Maybe I even learn something from this all. I’ll be posting some outdoor pictures as soon as I remember to take a camera with me when out with the dogs.. 🙂