New gadgetry

It is yet again time to do some cleaning in my pockets and I am going to let my old (?) Nokia E90 retire. I already have had a Nokia N96 box lying around for a while, but haven’t got the time to get it out and start moving stuff from old phone to the new.. I assume the baby has something to do with this, prioritis have shifted. 😉

I have been happy with the E90: fast enough in 3g network, good enoguh web browser, good enough camera and so on. But I became annoyed with the size of it. It’s too big to have around when you’re heading for the beach and the dosplay is just little too small for anything but quick emails or browsing.

I was fortunate enoguh to get my hands on N96 a while ago, around the time it was launched here in Finland and thought why not: the camera is good, better than I need when I need it and the specs fulfill my needs. Of course I could’ve gone for the N95, since it’s as good as a phone, but I thought I’d try if I had use for the DVB-H tv and if I would use it as a music player when I don’t have my iPod with me. I’ll have to wait and see..

I will be getting the N810 tablet to fulfill the need for a device for browsing web and going through my emails. I don’t have to have it with me all the time, but it’s still small enough to fit in a suit pocket or in laptop case. There are situations when getting the laptop out and waiting for the OS to load is way too long time, but you need to check your emails. No matter how small (I have currently 10-something” screen laptop) the computer, it is always too big to handle or you don’t want to look like a douchebag-techno-Elvis. 😉

Anyways, I will let you know what I think about the gadget and will do a little review thingy like I did with the E90. I still remind that my needs for the devices will probably be different than yours as well as my taste will be different in other things.