Thought you’d like to know.

I can tell you that “Red Sonja” is definately one of the crappiest movies of our time. Even the 1985 production year does not make it any less-crappy since they made decent movies even in the 80’s..

I have been typing one essay on my laptop and had the tv on as a background noise. I clicked a channel that would be the least distracting one and I ended up on Showtime since there was nothing interesting on until 4pm.. But, I was so wrong abotu the distracting part.. I got the essay done, but I found myself watching parts of the movie here and there.. And I was in awe, not really watching it. I just could not believe how bad the acting, the story, the effects and editing was. I bet the rest of the production was just as shitty.. lol

Ahnuld, well he’s Ahnuld, but it was interesting to see the pre-boobjob Brigitte on screen. She wasn’t that bad, even though we all know what has happened since and where she is now. Well, I don’t know and probably you don’t either, but that’s exactly my point. 😉 I have heard that she had been making out with Flavor Flav and that sums up pretty well everything, I suppose..



24 Spoiler!

I have been getting hits from searchmachines with searches like “what happens to Nina on 24”. Basically it is just that, different variations but they are searcing for information about Nina Meyers. I would understand it if Nina was around in 4th or 5th season, but no, it is really old news. I do love ALL the seasons, but I am bit bummed that someone has not seen the season and is still excited enough to find info online. I mean, they have seen everything to at lest 3rd season even in south pole. The fucking penguins know that JACK SHOT NINA IN CTU!! The penguins are excited about the fact that JACK IS STILL ALIVE AND WELL and they are als bit bummed that PRESIDENT PALMER WAS SHOT TO DEATH! Fuck.


Just a thought

I was channel surfing just a while ago and stopped on Shwtime. It’s Rambo III!! I’ve never seen the movie and thought I’d waste hour and half of my time and wath it while I surf online. Now I’ve been watching it about just over half way and oh boy what thoughts I have had. I mean, the irony.

Rambo goes to Afghanistan and the movie paints interesting pic of Taleban fighters. They’re honourable and good people and Rambo really bonds with them. Oh so little did they know then and how much irony can one find from that fact today.. Onw would think that US government learned that it is not good idea to go and ARM anyone in crisis anywhrere.. It is the stupidest idea from the start, but it seems that some guys thought otherwise. You just need to look atpast century and who US has been arming..

Another ironic thing is something that you could’ve thought back in the day when the Rambo III was made. I will paint you a picture and you just think about it a bit. Let’s re-locate the movie to another decade, let’s say like late 60’s and go from Afghanistan to one Indo-Chinian country, let’s say like.. ..Vietnam. You get the picture who is who, right? And to top it all, let’s say that the lead character is not John Rambo From United States of America but one Vladimir Ivanovits from Soviet Union.. .. ..and I can thell you it’s not that far fetched. Just think about it and if you need to, watch the movie again.

Yup, have a fun saturday afternoon!


Annoying hits

I’ve been getting few hits with search keywords like “what happens to nina meyers in 24” and different variations of that. So, I thought I’d be usefull for once:

Jack Bauer shoots Nina in 3rd season. She dies and that’s it, now you know.. If you want to know more, go and watch every episode from first of first seson to the latest available!


We have the power?

Today, while watching tv and laying on the sofa, it hit me: my generation is finally in charge. MAybe not the most powerfull people, but those who can sell their ideas to the higher management and who have been given the ultimate marketing-group status: they’re children of an era, a whole generation as a group to seel no matter what social status or income. And how did I come to this conclusion? I just watched the commercials!

Now I’m talking about the “born in the 70’s” people. It’s long time line, but for most of us the stuff we had when we were kids is quite similar and so was the world. Now it’s the first wave of nostalgia for us. The 80’s is in again when you look at clothing. Of course it’s been adjusted a bit for this decade, but still it is in. Popular music has been getting inspirations from past decades, but there’s lot of 80’s sounds in the mainstream music, and lot of late 70’s stuff!It sounds familiar because the sounds, hooks and many little things are just like the stuff we heard on radio when we were kids.

That’s not the most obvious, not the thing that really indicates we’re being targetted. Music and clothing is for everyone by who ever. But movies! The about 30 old directors and writers are there doing their things. Of course they don’t make the final decicions, but they know how to sell their ideas and the about 30 old marketing guys back them up and then the about 30 old audience make them hits! And then there’s the younger audioence to whom it all is new and exciting! I’m talking about movies like “The X-Men”, “Dukes of Hazzard” and “Miami Vice”. Sure older and younger people read X-Men comics, but somehow I think it was more of a big thing for people of our age. I remember how talking about Wolverine or Storm was the common thing with all guys in the school yard, no matter if it was couple classes higher or lower guy. Dukes were more of an american thing, but I do remember that it was hot stuff. And the Miami Vice… Ahhh.. It was SO cool, and still is!! LOL I mean, if you get over the so 80’s music and clothes, it was rather good police series! And it really reflects the time. I never wanted to be Crockett or Tubbs nor did I want to hang with them. I would’ve wanted to live in that world, do well, live exciting life. The Miami it portraited was something else!

There’s lot of those things going on, but these were the most obvious in my mind. It’s cool and I can’t wait to see  Miami Vice – The Movie! 😉


24 and sweat

Last night I finally got the 1st season of 24 done. I’ve never seen it before, only couple episodes here and there, but back then I decided it’s no use to start watching from the middle and thought I’d check it out later. Even though I knew Nina Meyers was going to kill Teri Bauer eventually, it was such a shock when it happened in the end. I mean, she was so cool through out the season until the end.. Anyway, I loved the season and now I’m goin gto get the 2nd season on dvd and spend quality time watching it!

I’m hoping that they 24 until AT LEAST 7th seasno, so I would have a 24 week, literally, some time in future.. One season per day! Insane, but the right way.. lol We used to have Star Trek Movie Weekend. That means watching every single ST movie in a row. It was easy when we were kids with the bunch of friends ,but now there’s so many movies it’s getting painfull. Thank good for pepperoni pizza and beer, they get me through it..

Now that I got the hdd-recorder with large hdd, I’ve been able to record all the shows I missed while watching 24 and all the ones I miss usually anyway but would like to watch. It’s insane, I’ve got hours and hours of stuff recorded and I think I’m not going to watch most of it. I though that I wouldn’t get into that, but apparently it happens to even best of us. 😉 I will clean the drive when I get home and save only the ones I REALLY like.

Yesterday afternoon I went to see the personal trainer and did a profile for me and this evening I’m going to the gym to see the routine she made for me based on the profile. I can’t wait it since we decided to make two routines for me, one is 1 hour set and another is hour and half. Longer for the days when I feel like it or have more time and the shorter for regular use. The plan is not to lose wight but to convert fat to musscle. Of course I don’t mind losing some weight, but I don’t mind gaining weight if it’s the right kind of tissue. lol Have to see how it goes. I’ve got 3 months to get to step 2 so we can plan new routine for me based on the achievements and I hope I can reach my goal I have for this period.


Conan O’Brien

Conan O’Brien

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I just stumbled upon this when I was goofing around in eBay.. Well, Anthony Hopkins, Elvis and rest of the stars had their autographed photos for sale on few hundred bucks a piece, but Conan.. Uh, just looka at the “Buy it Now” price.. Sorry Conan, we in Finland still love you!

I would’ve bought it, but the shipping costs too much.. 😉