OviMaps problem solved, and Nokia Care answered a question I had!

The problem about uploading maps to my phone with Nokia Map Loader is gone. Literally, it just went away somehow. I yet again connected my phone to the computer with USB cable and thought why not try yet again and it did work. I don’t know what caused the problem since I don’t recall doing anything to it that would make the difference.

Now I have the full Europe coverage and few different voices in my phone! Let’s see how much I really need them.

I had also sent email about the navigating licences in the phone. I have about 3 months of licence left from my N96 and the N97 came with free one year licence. I was not sure if things would work out fine with these wto. I was afraid that I would lose the 3 months left or in worst case that would somehow override the one year licence with the N97. Trust me, I am skeptical about this kind of things for a reason. ..or few.

Well, the Nokia care emailed back to me on monday, bit over the 48h they promised, but I can forgive it since there was a weekend in between and the problem was not urgent. The answer was simply that they should add up so I would have the one year plus the remaining three months. If I had any problems, they would help me if I just provided them with the IMEIs to both of the phones. Needless to say, everything went well after launching the OviMaps and the licence was infact that 3mo.+12mo.

So no worries! And if something happens you will get help from the Customer Care. :



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