; something quite interesting

I found this new social network related site through a friend of mine. I say social network related since the main idea is that you will have your exercising diary in a simple for in the site. You can then network inside the service with the friend signed in.

I have not really had the time to browse through the service, but there are “gazillion” different activities you can choose from. You choose the activity and time spent, add heart rate if you wish and even additional notes (” went well, will do harder next time” or “sucked big time, I will stop exercising and fatten up again. Not worth it..”). The exercises are visible to your buddies and/or all users, depending on your privacy settings, I assume.

What is the thing today, is the posibility to send your exercises for example to Twitter and Facebook. You need to authorize Moozement to Twitter and then you’ll have simple “Gym 1h 15min @” message in your feed. I do not know if  the heart rate and notes will show up there when added. In Facebook Moozement will add an app. It then shows a list of your exercises and the time, heart rate and possible additional notes.

I like the idea of this service and I am excited about it since it’s a start-up which is developing all the time. New features are added, etc. Now, I have a wishlist already:

– I am using Nokia Sports Tracker. A possibility to somehow integrate kml files and reports generated with ST. I know ST has its own site and service, but it would be nice to have that stuff there too. If not in form of a map, but at least a link. Is there this already? I did not find it.

Mobile phone app! Something I could use to instantly post my exercises from gym or immeaditely after I have hopped off my bicycle. Also the possibility to browse my exercise history and mayne friends’ too? Similar to the Nokia N97 Facebook app? EDIT: I was kindly enough informed tha there is infact an app for S60 and iPhone mobiles!! 😉

All in all I am excited to see if I will be active enough to post all my exercises over there and if it will give me the extra boost to get up and go sweating when I don’t feel like it. Will it make me do more? Let’s see. I have to get up and hit the gym by my bicycle as soon as this summer flu is done deal. 😉



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2 Responses to; something quite interesting

  1. There is already a mobile verson – S60 and iPhone devices are supported. Just open from a mobile browser. You can read more about mobile Moozement here:

  2. dobermann says:

    Thank you for the information!

    I tried to find the app with my laptop. Obviously I wasn’t thinking it was so simple deal.

    Now everyone, go check out and let me know what you think!

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