Quick observations and comments about Nokia E90 Communicator

I did have some time to play with the Nokia E90 last night and so far I have been quite happy. The biggest problem is that there is not that much software directly for the phone, but many of the other software does work just fine. Just remember the resolution on the displays when you’re installing S60 3rd Ed. software. For example I did install one game that was for some other model and the software filled only about 2/3 of the front display and everything was too small to use.. Of course there is lot of dictionary software and other usefull stuff available for the phone, but I am not in a need where I woould pay 30 – 60 euros for those. They are no doubt good and usefull, but I would need one so rarely..

I did install few software in the phone that will be usefull AND were free. First, I did install the NRC – Nokia Sports Tracker GPS program. It tracks your jogging or cycling trip and records the speed, distance, etc. The best thing is that the log file is Google Maps compatible! I will try this one next weekend or next week, depending on my schedule. Second software I installed is kind of related to this one, it’s the Nokia Wellness Diary that looks really good on the E90 bigger screen! It’s bascly a software to record what you eat, how much and how you exercise, how much you weight, how much sleep you get, how much you work and so on. Then you can look at the graphs and see how you have been developing and performing. There’s lot of different things you can measure as default, everything from the weigt and calories to fat%, heart rate and intensity of exercising. Really easy to use and definately usefull for anyone wanting/needing to record and note these things.

I did also download loads of maps for the GPS software so I don’t have to connect through 3G/GPRS network to obtain the maps when needed. It is done with the Nokia MapLoader software which is free! I did download all maps of Finland, Estonia and whole UK. UK because I will be there for the winer 2008/2009 and Estonia because we do visit Estonia on regular basis. The 512Mb microSD card that comes with the phone is getting small with the maps and since I’m planning to load some music and files there, I will be getting myself a 2Gb card today. The bad thing is that I might end up having whole world as maps with me even though I need only small portion of all of them. But you never know when you find yourself lost in Mongolia, Cambodia or Brazil. lol

I did try the GPS briefly last night while I was walking the dogs. It’s quite accurate even though it did wander a bit on the map when I walked by a tall building and was surrounded by large trees at the same time. I assume that heavy clouds added to this did take their toll, but it was only about 10-15 meters total. Otherwise no problem. I was also surprised that the GPS found the satellites in about 45 seconds in the open even though this was te first time I powered up the device. For example with a Garmin unit I had for a week last summer took 60 to 90 seconds EVERY TIME I powered it up. So I’m quite happy with the GPS in the phone!

I did also try the WLAN. I had the usual problems that have to do with myself and the wireless router and nothing with the phone. Same “problems” occur every time I have new wireless gadget I want to connect to my network. The problem is that I always forget the steps I have to take to connect new devices. I have WEP on, I have restricted MAC list and designated IPs rather than automatic from DHCP. So, I did remember one, but not the others and that’s why it took an hour to get connected.. I know, I know.. But at the end when I had registered the device’s MAC, assigned it the IP and given the WEP key, everything was working just fine! I haven’t tried 3G connections more than once, but they did work well too for the 5min.

All in all I have been really happy with the phone. The logic is close enough to the 9500 and the differences are not slowing me down much, I have found everything I have wanted to find. There’s still lot to do with the gadget and I have just been playing with it. For example I have not even started to think about copying my contact list to the phone from the previous one, but it seems to be rather easy to do.

It does look cool, but I have to see if the Mocca color does look as cool in sun light as it does in artificial light indoors. 😉



About dobermann
Native Finn living in greater Helsinki area, currently in Vantaa. Still avoiding growing up, been somewhat succesful, thanks to my dogs. Passionate about music, hot rods & customs, dobermanns, motorcycles and everything I might foind interesting. I am just as boring in real life as I am in this blog. I do my best and have succeeded in it very well. Any other info, look from my posts or ask, thank you. D-Ma

9 Responses to Quick observations and comments about Nokia E90 Communicator

  1. Fred says:

    Good info. i am looking forward to getting mine in the first week of July. enjoy ur new toy!!

    i envy u 🙂

  2. dobermann says:

    Thanks, and I’m glad you found it helpfull. I’m not going to do full-blown review, but I’m going to write about my experiences with the gadget. How it works for me and what I need from it. 🙂

  3. Dave says:

    Any idea how the GPS works in “normal” situation – i.e. closed & in your trousers pocket while walking around? Looking forward to trading up from my 9500 to the E90 as soon as they hit Malaysia.

  4. dobermann says:

    I did not try that for longer period of time. I walked maybe 300-400 meters with it in my jeans front pocket when it rained and it did not lose the track. I did use the smaller cover display and not the inner large display.

    It did seem to have 70% to 90% connection to 4 satellites when I did look from the satellite info.

    The 512Mb memory card had around 120Mb available after I loaded all Finland, all UK and Estonia with Map loader. I did get myself 2Gm card since they cost around 30e around here -> affordable when it gives flexibility and room for music, pictures and video.

    I will post more later. I’m hitting the road tomorrow and on monday, so I get the chance to try the navigation software for more. I will be able to post updates on tuesday if not while I’m on the road. I will surely try to make time to post with the E90, but I don’t know if I’m able to log in WordPress with it (was not possible with 9500 browser..).


  5. Ray says:

    Does the Nokia e90 GPS works on the cingular network. I am having problem connecting to the sattelite. I down the USA maps from the e90, it show the download was ok. The internet is working fine. Do i need to enable all three GPS options or just the internal.

    Please Help!

  6. dobermann says:

    Just the internal. I don’t know about US operators, but it really takes some time when you first time connect to the satellites. I got really frustrated at first when it took really close to 10minutes to connect. These days I get connection in 2-4 minutes depending on how far I am from where I was last time I had GPS on. 🙂

  7. Xeneis says:


    Think you’d have to review your blog because is misleading regarding the freely available navigation services from Noki on the E90.

    There’s in fact the possibility to install the maps and to perform a demo navigation freely, but as soon as the device hooks the satellites you’re warned that the service has a cost, with an initial tryout of three days before purchasing.


  8. dobermann says:

    Well, the stuff I wrote diid apply to the software available back then. The firmwire and softwares in E90 have changed AT LEAST 3 times since I acquired my phone. The Navigation software has been the one changing the most.

    The 1st version of the Nokia Maps (was called even something different back then) did NOT have the possibility to do the demo thing.

    I am going to get rid of E90 soon when I get the N96. I will be using it with the internet tablet N810. This because the E90 is way too bulky for my current needs and I’d rather have two gadgets rather than just one when I will have little phone and larger display with larger keyboard. THe KB in N810 is not as good as in my E90, but it might be because my E90 has been “clicked” smooth. 😉

    My e90 is also near end of it’s days, battery is consumed in 1-2 days (brand new battery) and it’s not connecting to WiFi networks too well anymore and loses the connection now and then without a reason. Well, compared to how it used to be a year ago.

    I have loved the gadget, suited my needs until now!

  9. Alwyn Rodrigues says:

    ya i m Also using nkia e90 its programs r wonder full & i like t superb e90

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