Nokia E90 vs. Nokia 9500

Nokia E90 vs. Nokia 9500
Originally uploaded by D-MaI finally got the phone today and of course I had to take few photos comparing it to the old 9500 communicator and my pocket-phone, Samsung Z540. More photos in my Flickr album.

I will post more when I have the time and opportunity to play with the E90 more. Right now I’m just charging it and let it wait until tomorrow night before I insert SIM-card and power up the thing.

Why did I take this and will be replacing the old 9500? Well, it’s NEW and cool, but that’s not the reason. E90 is significantly more comfortable in pocet than the old brick. It does look whole lot better too. There’s FINALLY EDGE, 3G and decent camera too. The built in GPS unit makes it easier and more fun compared to having 9500 and a bluetooth GPS unit separately. Then the good old WiFi capability and such.

The new E90 will replace my 9500 as my calendar, mobile “office” and navigation unit. As you can see in one comparo pic in my Flickr album, the 9500 has few battle scars and will now spend it’s retirement time as a back up Commu and my home phone. 😉

But, that’s all for now about the gizmo and more will follow.



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11 Responses to Nokia E90 vs. Nokia 9500

  1. john says:

    off course you allright but your just correct idea is its cool and its new But all another specs. says 9500 is the great !

  2. paul michaels says:

    well,i have used the 9500 for a long time,got rid of it for the nokia e90 but now seem to be regratin’. The E90 is so nice because it uses series 60 o.p over the 9500 which uses s80 making it so boring. Though, the nokia 9500 is more computerised when it comes to the office applications. It’s a lot better in the office coz it has all shotcuts that the pc/laptop can do but not the e90. it (the 9500) also has a scientific calc and a world clock making it fancier.
    coming to the e90,it’s great connoctivity and applications ability makes it stand out. Now ask your self, “what do you want in a communicator, fun app’s or the office?”

  3. cengiz says:

    i think simply… nokia 9500 is better than E90

  4. dobermann says:

    It always depends on what you need.

    The web browser in 9500 does not support a lot of sites I need to access, beginning with the oline banking I need to use.

    9500 is so slooooooww tranferring files and sending emails with attachments.. Not really usefull function for me. 😉

    I never managed to get 9500 to work as a modem for my laptop.. And since it’s slow..

    The camera in E90 is good enough so I don’t need to have extra camera with me for photos and then go through the acrobatics to move photos to my phone and then email them to customers.

    I have a world clock in E90, free application, so not an issue.

    I have had ZERO problems with my E90. Of course the keybord+screen issue the early units like mine had, but it was next-day procedure in the service and was not a problem for me.

    My 9500 had (and STILL has) a habit of freezing now and then, of course just when it is least desirable. It’s not crappy phone, but for me and my needs the E90 was an upgrade.

    I am going to get rid of E90 now since I am moving to two devices: N96 with N810. I don’t want to carry a brick with me all the time and N810 is small enought to fit in suit pocket and light enough to haul in laptop case when needed. I don’t want to move my SIM between two phones because of work and freetime.. 😉 I also considered double-SIM service, but why bother?

    I know, I am going backwards with the idea of having a gadget for a job rather than one gadget for all.. ..the one gadget is always too bulky to haul around..

  5. Cengiz says:

    E90 does not support complex java sites i think 9500 is nice because i can not access my online bank site with my e90 ! But my 9500 is slow but perfect because i have not any problem with my 9500 and it have the world clock 9500′ world clock application is better than the e90’s world clock. E90 product time is 2007 and 9500 product time is 2003 9500 is open the limitless new page in the internet e90 is open just 1 page in the internet 9500 have active tab key, menu button, pull down menu, esc button, superior keyboard, fax, full function contact search, intelligent enter button, superior office, dns control capability,

  6. Interesting article, i have bookmarked your blog for future referrence 🙂

  7. Jackman says:

    Despite all the improvements of the E90 the 9500 is easier to hold and the user just needs little effort to press the keys of the front key pad and the qwerty keys. My E90’s small querty keys despite being heavy to press have already scratch and left deppression marks on the LCD screen! I have seen this in a lot of the E90’s! Also the navigational key with chrome plated borders have tarnished so fast that the expensive E90 looks like a toy made in China. To NOKIA’s R&D: A lot of the good stuff in the 9500 should have been incorporated in the E90. Like the scientific calculator, log program, office spreadsheet, note pad, 9500’s navigational key located in the lower right section of the qwerty key pad. Apparently, the one who designed the E90’s qwerty keys should be hanged! The size of the shift/enter/tab/backspace keys should have been reduced to create larger keys for easy typing. Now we know why Nokia deliberately made it harder to press the keys! If the keys were easy to press and small you would be creating a lot of typing errors! How I wish all the goodies of the E90 inside the 9500.

    • dobermann says:

      The keyboard problem is known issue that affected the early production runs. Mine had the problem too. You can get it fixed under warranty. I got new keyboard, new hinges as well as new display when I took my E90 in service abotu a year ago.

      The keyboard on my unit got easier to use over time. I assume it’s “stiff” in the beginning so that it would not get too sloppy over time.

      I have to agree with the navigation key-ring. It did lose the chrome-like coat over time.

      I did like the E90 a lot, I felt that ke qwerty keyboard was better than in 9500 where the keys were too smooth, the felt bit like the keyboard in N96: too smooth and not too responsive. I assume this is because of the use on my 9500, I recall they felt lot better when the unit was new..

      I am currently using the E71 as my work phone and despite it having really small keys, I feel that the contour is just right so one can type easily with as small keys. It is not as good for longer writing than E90 etc., but it is just right for my needs.

      I also like the Nokia N97 a lot. They keyboard is not as good as I would have expected, but is lot better than it looks like. Also the feel has improved over time. I assume Nokia has designed all their handset keyboards (?) o that they feel little too stiff and unresponsive initially, but they will set over time to the great feel and response.

      All in all I have to say that I would have other make of phones if I had to pay for them myself and had the privilege to choose ANYTHING on the market. Right now Nokai phones have been provided in these models I have now. This said, I am happy with the devices. Not extatic, just happy. 😉

  8. adampisan says:

    yes, still have to think twice to replace my 9300 to e90….

  9. Hesit8 says:

    as I see the 9500 is still better phone 🙂 I think I’ll buy that this way… I am at engineering university 🙂 I think I can have use of it… thanks for this reviews and comments 🙂

  10. heinz says:

    but think nokia 9500 is still cool

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