What a week!

Well, I’ve been feeling bit sick for few days and now I do have temperature, my nose is running and my voice took a vacation.. ..without me. Then I managed to slip on icy yard yesterday and hurt my back, knee and knocked my head on the ground. What a week. I missed one exam because of this, but I got a “note from doctor” so it’s ok. What a week. Then I have been working on one marketing project, it’s group project, that is due on next monday. Everyone has done great job, except me, and I think we are going to get it right after all. No thanks to me, I think. What a week.

Then, other things that happened and brief comments on them:

– Britney Spears filed a divorce: About a time! K-Fed isn’t exactly a catch for a woman who apparently has a business nose and is talented. Oh, come on, it’s just tabloids and we all make weird things and mistakes now and then. Try to me a model citizen when there’s 101 paparazzis after you. This news really made this week great! Now K-Duh can make his own career on his own terms! Pee-poo-zoo-duh! Or what ever the song was called..

– USA elections: Now we can see how the other guys will give Dubya and his club hard time. Everything will suck even more and the Democrats can sey it’s all because of the assholes before us. I just hope they start cleaning for real and are not just happy with themselves.

– Rumsie-Rumsfelt: Yes, the american politics will never be the same. Thank god we still have the one guy entertaining us with great speeches and comments.

– Dansk Bank bought Sampo Bank: I’m not too worried about this, even thoguh I’m Sampo customer. They can’t fuck up things too much and it seems that they are here to make business! If they fuck up things, I can always go somewhere else.

– Colored Halloween food: Yes, one guest came with cookings she had colored with food colors (100% natural, like her foods)! One was bright “blood red” soup and other was blue spaghetti with blue sauce. Yes they were delicious, but nobody wanted to eat any of those next morning. So, as you guessed, after checking out that it was not unhealthy, I fed the stuff to dogs; soup first and the spaghetti stuff next. The red color didn’t do anything, but after the blue stuff I did cause some hassle. I was walking the dogs on day light and both decided to take a dump. Well, one old lady walked by and was shocked. She went “OH MY GOD!!” It took me a while to realize that she was staring at the dark BLUE dog shit. She was puzzled and then angry at me, but I couldn’t stop laughing. Yes, I didn’t even notice the blue in the “stuff” since I knew where it came from and I saw it already in the morning. I should have take a photo for you guys! ..or not.



About dobermann
Native Finn living in greater Helsinki area, currently in Vantaa. Still avoiding growing up, been somewhat succesful, thanks to my dogs. Passionate about music, hot rods & customs, dobermanns, motorcycles and everything I might foind interesting. I am just as boring in real life as I am in this blog. I do my best and have succeeded in it very well. Any other info, look from my posts or ask, thank you. D-Ma

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