New iPods

I just found out Apple has released new iPods. I especially loved the idea of 80Gb iPod! That would be real killer for car use, for example. No need to use cd-changers anymore and I could have my whole cd collection with me all the time (at least I think they would fit in 80Gb?). Now in that case I would need playlists for sure!

Also the iPod Nano was restyled and updated. This is the first time I say this: I’m glad I did buy mine when it was still the old style Nano. This new one looks like mini version of the old iPod Mini and I never liked it’s design. The rounded sides and all. It looks outdated and just weird. Also the colors.. me puritan, but I think White and Black are proper iPod colors. Of course the colors might look better with different design, I don’t know.

I think that iPods characteristic design is the look they still kept with the big iPod. I mean, if you describe your mp3 player to some one and say “it looks like tin mint box with black/white lid”, everyone knows it’s Apple iPod!

Now, iPod Shuffle is something different. It’s small and doesn’t have a display at all. Even though it has all the iPod visual characteristics achieved with button placement, that gadget can look bit different. It’s a gadget that might be greeted with “awwwww, isn’t it cute! IT looks like it’s bigger siblings!”. 😉



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