What were you looking for?!

I just checked my stats and TWO came from search with keywords home+masturbating.. Yes, my long forotten experiment is finally getting results. I don’t remember what was the idea, but at least I’m getting hits from people who like to masturbate at home or are looking for information HOW to home masturbate. 🙂



About dobermann
Native Finn living in greater Helsinki area, currently in Vantaa. Still avoiding growing up, been somewhat succesful, thanks to my dogs. Passionate about music, hot rods & customs, dobermanns, motorcycles and everything I might foind interesting. I am just as boring in real life as I am in this blog. I do my best and have succeeded in it very well. Any other info, look from my posts or ask, thank you. D-Ma

2 Responses to What were you looking for?!

  1. Lex says:

    All I can say is hilarious.

    Absolutely hilarious.

  2. dobermann says:

    Yup, but I’m baffled why I did have this “masturbating alone at home all night” project. It did have an idea behind it..

    I’m sometimes surprising even myself!!

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