Bad customer service

I will talk about this in general, I’m not going to bring up any company names even though this post was born after I called to two different customerservice lines.

I’ve had some problems with two companies, with their customer services to tell the truth. Problem is that it seems to be common that the representatives just tell ANYTHING to get the customer out of the lines rather than try to figure out and HELP as they should. I’ve received mixed information from different representatives, sometimes even 3 DIFFERENT versions of same story from ONE AND SAME person. This is very disturbing. I have taken the actions and sent feedback form through their sites and then emailed the same message to the Customerservice Managers, CEO, HR Managers, Marketing Manager and so on, you know, all the people that should know what’s going on.

I used to work in satellite-tv provider’s callcenter and it was matter of professional pride, company pride and just display of professionalism to take good care of our customers. Yes, it might have been time consuming calls, but they didn’t need to call back again on same issue. It was important to then leave a message in customer database that the contact was made by customer, what we tried when solving the problem, what was then told to customer and so on. This way we didn’t need to go through same stuff again when someone else got the call from this customer. Sure we asked if you did all this, but if it was ok, there was no need to go othrough it again. When customer might have been annoyed when I asked simple questions like “do you have cabels connected?” I always said that even though it sounds stupid and I don’t think he/she is stupid, we should start from the beginning to be absolutely sure everything was ok.

Yes, we did have people check our call durations and amount of calls answered, but we convinced them to also check how many times unique customer called and on how many problems. It was easy to advice customers with simple tricks for “just in case if something happens” situations. We did have very happy customers in general.

Also, good customer service is to cut the bullshit when there’s no doubt what’s going on. Explain company policies and terms & conditions and how they apply to this particular case and what customer should do. Usually these cases were about bills that were’nt paid.

Everyone took responsibility on their calls and if something was fucked up, that person would fix it rather than hide. Customers did know us only by first names, but there were 4-5 of us who were known among customers. I am glad to be one of them. I had reputation as a helpfull guy who didn’t take any bullshit. I have flamed on the phone now and then, but never without a reason. 😉

Now that I wrote all that above, I somehow MISS the work. Sure it did suck time to time, but I loved taking care of things, being the fixer, being the police and so on. Being in control of my work too. I don’t mean this as a control freak, world conqueror way, but it just felt like I’m on top of my work all the time. Nobody was messing up with what I was doing and I had rules to work by, “rules written in stone” meaning that nobody changed the rules all the time.

I would’ve liked to be the Manager on the floor (callcenter), but I had other things in mind and I probably wouldn’t have been ready back then. These days things have changed so much that the old callcenter is gone, it is been taken care by outside “contractor”. But still, I did have a blast back there and I did learn a lot!



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