Questions and answers

Some time after I strated at Blogger, I received few really weird emails from people who weren’t happy about my blogging. I still don’t understand why they though they’d have any control or that I would give a shit. Well, now that I have moved to WP I have received few (five, to be axact) emails concerning about my blog. three of them were poeple asking these strange but important (?) questions about me. I thought I’d answer few of them. I’m not sure if these were from same person of group of people who know each other and wanted to play joke on me, but I don’t have anything better to do, so..

You can find out more by looking back at my old posts. But now to the answers. I assume you’ll get the idea what the questions were just by reading my answers.

1. First things first, the most asked question (not really..) No, I do not shave my balls with a razor blade. In fact I do not shave my balls at all! Now this might be too much information for most, but more is coming so stop reading now if you don’t want to know. —— Ok, I don’t think I need to shave down there since I do not have monkey like hair around my body. And I do not showcase my nads so that they would need to be trimmed. I even shave my face verey randomly.

2. I am not American/Canadian pretending to be something else. I think that someone might be fooled if that someone just read one or two of my posts, but my choice of words, typos and grammar raping sentences will give me out. And I ask you this: who the hell would want to pose as a Finn?!

3. Yes, I do have two dobermann and that’s where my nick comes from. I’ve had dobes before these two and will have after these two too. They’re nice dogs, all dobermanns are! The problem is usually the owner who is incapable, ignorant or just plain stupid. One has to adapt to the dog and work with the dog. It applies to every dog breed, small or large.

4. No, I do not work for some secret outfit of American government and/or military. I am interested about the world politics and history and we live intersting times. I do not think my political views are important since this blog is not about politics and on the other hand I see my self more as an observer. And this blog is not about that, my blog is all about just normal everyday stuff that happens, what ever comes to my mind and so on..

5. I can not help you with this or that dilemma. I can give suggestions what to do, but I’m not tech support, cannot guide you with religious issues, I do not donate my sperm, I cannot have your baby (it’s not possible even though Ahnuld did it..) and I’m sorry but I mostly don’t care about problems that unknown people have. I do care about the people I know, but you know if you are one. If you don’t know, you probably aren’t one.

6. I don’t want nor will I put your “Best blog award” “plaque” on my blog. It’s nice that you like my blog, but I like my template like it is. If I want to add something, I will do it when I feel like it and will ask you if I need something from you.

7. No, I do know Pekka from Vantaa and Susanna from Helsinki, but I bet they’re not the ones you know. I assure you, there are more than one Pekka and Susanna in Finland, in Helsinki and I bet that even in one suburb there’s more than one people with those names. And even if I know them, what then? Should I send you money or does that make us buddies too? Or even blood relatives? Should I now donate my sperm or have your baby even if it’s not even possible?

8. Yes, I use sarcasm now and then. Most likely more often than people notice. I also do many jokes without pointing them out. Also the fact that my english is not flawless, many of them might go un-noticed by you guys. Don’t worry, I don’t mind.

9. I do support gay marriage even if neither of the chicks is hot. Or the dudes. I don’t mind, it’s not like they’re taking something from me. It doesn’t make the traditions go away, it doesn’t make aother marriages any different than they already were. I believe in freedom of choice in many things, especially when the choice doesn’t harm anyone or anything else. Most important thing is that people love each other and want to take the big step, give the big sacrifice to show it and cherish it. So let them be happy. If you’re not happy it’s not their fault.

10. Yes, I do like chocolate. I love good food and wine. Especially redwine, white wine is not my vup of tea, so to speak, but I do enjoy glass of white wine if I am offered one. Red is more my thing.

I hope this made some of you happy and rest didn’t get life lasting trauma out of this post. And I’m sorry if I made this girl from sweden sad, it’s not you it’s all me. 😉



About dobermann
Native Finn living in greater Helsinki area, currently in Vantaa. Still avoiding growing up, been somewhat succesful, thanks to my dogs. Passionate about music, hot rods & customs, dobermanns, motorcycles and everything I might foind interesting. I am just as boring in real life as I am in this blog. I do my best and have succeeded in it very well. Any other info, look from my posts or ask, thank you. D-Ma

4 Responses to Questions and answers

  1. Odd, I never get strange e-mails from my blog. I feel left out …. *sob!*

    Oh, I came here via Sandy … who probably got here via Kim who probably found you via Lexy …

  2. dobermann says:

    Don’t worry, I got these shortly after I started using actively WP. When I started at Blogger I received couple and then few months later couple. I don’t mind if these weird questions wouldn’t come at all.

    There’s random other people emailing me, maybe once a month I get an email from a stranger who just want’s to comment my dogs or something. Usually stuff that could be commented in blog but for some reason they want to email it. It’s ok, I don’t mind at all.

    lol I found Kim through Lex and then Sandy through Kim and you’ve been lurking around like me. 😉 Nice to se you around!

  3. Lurk? Southern ladies down “lurk” – we network. 😉

    Now … I’m off to see if I can find your dog photos. I do so love dogs!

  4. dobermann says:

    Oh, ok then. I’m just stalking when I don’t feel like working. 😉

    I’ve got few thousand doggie photos at home and couple hundred (?) in Flickr I think..

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