I took my car to yearly inspection and it failed. It doesn’t matter since I expected that would happen anyway. The problems are small: new headlights, new back-box for exhaust and one bushing. Funny thing is that since the rear silencer/back-box was leaking, the emissions test could not be done and that means I failed in emissions too. Which sounds funny because I just change new rear silencer and emissions are ok again. The headlights were bad last year too, they told me I should replace them since they would most likely fail next time, but I was cheap and though I’ll change them when I must do it, not a day earlier. And now’s the day. I will also replace both headlight height adjustment motors since it’s easy to do when the headlights are out.

The bushing is a problem. I could go and do it with my dad at his cabin since there’s lot of tools and room to do the work, but I stil have the locking-bolt problem. I have locking-bolts in my wheels, one per wheel of course, but I lost the key-socket for a wrench. It’s so annoying! I’d love to find the piece or even buy new set if there’s similar key-socket that I could use, but haven’t found, either. This means I’m unable to take the wheel off from the car since the lock-bolt cannot be opened. I could drill it out or take the car to service for them to drill it out, but I’d rather find the key-socket. Damn.

The “funny” thing is that this will cost me 800e plus the bushing work if I give it to someone else. If I do it myself, the bushings needing replacement will cost me just under 36e..



About dobermann
Native Finn living in greater Helsinki area, currently in Vantaa. Still avoiding growing up, been somewhat succesful, thanks to my dogs. Passionate about music, hot rods & customs, dobermanns, motorcycles and everything I might foind interesting. I am just as boring in real life as I am in this blog. I do my best and have succeeded in it very well. Any other info, look from my posts or ask, thank you. D-Ma

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