Boring, or is it?

I didn’t have much to say yesterday and I still don’t have much to say. At least anything that makes much sense or is intersting at all..

Sometimes I wonder if my life is boring and un-eventfull because I have nothing interesting to post about in my blog. Just random photos of bad parking and rambling thoughts now and then. And when I read other people’s blogs there’s lot of interesting going on: triathlon, moving to new place and renovating, doing stuff in old european town(city) and posting about interesting things and so on. That really does bother me now and then. I do have couple ideas, but I don’t have the time to work on them at the moment and to be honest, I don’t know when I have the time..

This morning I yet again found myself thinking like this after going through few blogs I read semi-daily basis. Then it struck me: I might be too critical! Well, my life isn’t that exciting and I don’t do too many interesting things, but what if I do leave those funny and interesting events out of my blog? Ok, that must be the case, but I still need to filter that stuff and that might be the problem in the end. I have no filtering at all or I will filter 99% of the stuff. Damn, I need to find a way to get that filter adjusted.

Mean while I’ll just quickly let you know what has happened this morning along the obvious waking up, showering, taking dogs out and getting to work:

-Kainu puked after eating whole bowl of dog food. The puke contained lot of timber so he must’ve been eating sticks last night.

-The kid nextdoor (small one, barely walks and doesn’t really talk..) palys on their balcony and it’s next to ours. He starts shouting “pow, pow, pow” if Klementina isn’t on our balcony. This morning it took hitting the balcony floor and doing “jail thing” with a baby mug against the balcony rail to get Klementina to see what the kid was doing. After that it was”brrrrrr,brrrrrr…” with the cars.

-I saw post truck dude drop a large cart full of mail when unloading his truck at the local post office. There were envelopes and magazines everywhere. I told him I’ll kill him if any of my magazines were wet or dirty, and smiled at him. I do like to disturb people now and then.

-We got new guy starting at the office this monday. Today he came to say hi to me and started my asking “Do you work in here?” and I replied “No, I just pretend.”. He’s a nice guy after all.

That’s about it. There has been many interesting things going on at the office, but unfortunately I can’t talk about them in here..