..and all they wanted was better sex (but cheese and crackers will do too)

This morning my office feels just right. It’s not too hot for the first time this summer. I do not blame the sun, I love it when it’s warm, but I blame the people who turned the air conditioning on saving mode. The sun shines in this freaking room all morning, from sunrise (around 3:30am) to noon. During that time it gets pretty damn hot even though I have shades shut and sealed and the temp set to “freeze”. I even was stupid enough to think that maybe it chokes when it’s on coldest, so I tried some bit less extreme settings. BS, didn’t work. It’s not much fun when it’s 27C outside, sun shining straight in and despite the shades it’s around 31 to 33C in the room. Try to work in this temperature! Thank god this is last day at work this week!

I did go for it. What? Well, I did get new mobile plan from another operator and went for the included phone. It’s locked, but doesn’t matter to me because I can unlock it anytime. The problem is that the warranty is thrown out the window if I unlock it.. I decided to go for this even though I’m tied to this operator for next 24 months. After doing some calculations I found out that even with the phone this new plan is going to be about 55 euros cheaper per year than my current plan. Of course there’s few changes to the plan, but they’re changes that are for good. For example, I don’t need this heavy data package I’ve been having, but this operator don’t have anything else available. In my future plan I have lighter data package where the speed compared to the data rate is just right. I mean, I dont need no broadband when I’m sending cameraphone photos to Flickr and to the blog.. I will still have my other plan with the old operator, the one on my Nokia 9500 Communicator. I will cancel that too as soon as I get enough dough to get HP IPaq hw6915 or Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket Loox T830 to replace the Nokia..

Next friday it’s Juhannus eve (mid-summer fest), but I’m going to take long weekend off. I got thursday and friday off so I have 4 day weekend. I was thinking about getting monday and possibly even tuesday off too, but I’d rather save my hard earned vacation days for my birthday weekend and for the end of this “goverment made one side agreement” that keeps me working on here.. I will possibly post a photo here and there like I seem to do when ever I’m not at work, but in any case: Have a good Juhannus! Don’t drink too much, don’t drown while trying to pee from a boat and don’t burn yourself!



About dobermann
Native Finn living in greater Helsinki area, currently in Vantaa. Still avoiding growing up, been somewhat succesful, thanks to my dogs. Passionate about music, hot rods & customs, dobermanns, motorcycles and everything I might foind interesting. I am just as boring in real life as I am in this blog. I do my best and have succeeded in it very well. Any other info, look from my posts or ask, thank you. D-Ma

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