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Just about warm enough at around 8.30pm..


Where is as far as it gets? In west or in East? What about south?

I have been thinking. I’ve had this urge to get out on the road and traveling, but unfortunately it’s not possible this summer. I will have to try to get everything out from the couple weeks in late august when we’re trying to get out and around Finland.

Anyway, I was looknig at my Michelin maps and especially Finland when I thought it’s not that long way to Nordkapp! Then I had this idea, many others might have had too. The idea was simple until I started to think more about it.

The idea was to visith the northernmost point of Europe, Southernmost point of Europe, westernmost point of Europe and easternmost point of Europe. Sounds simple, right? Then I thought it should be the city, town or village, not the exact physical piece of turf.. After that I started to look at the map of europe and got another thing haunting in my mind. Should it be continental europe or should I include islands too. This because on islands the easternmost point would be in Rodos, Greece. And what about southernmost point? would it be Gibraltar or Malta? Or even Canary Islands? They’re part of Spain and that way could be concidered as EU countries. If so, that would also be the westernmost place too!

This dilemma was haunting me and still is. Which way I should go? And after all that, should I do it my driving or would it me ok to fly? And should I visit them all in one trip or could it be done in separate trips?

What you think? If I don’t get this things settled in my mind, I might have to do all variations and it would take years to complete!! I don’t mind traveling to same places, but still.. Thank god the Nordkapp is definately nothernmost point!! lol


Sun, sweat and smiles

It ‘s warm, in fact it is HOT outside! No wind at all and sun is scorching.. The temperature is 25C in here, outside that is. In my office it’s fucking 28C even though I have AC blowing my hairdo off! My little room is in the corner and sun is shining in from sunrise to about noon.. I do have shades in my windows, but they do help just a bit..

I don’t complain, I just tell you this fact. Even though I’m sweating here (not pouring, mind you) I do like it this way better than looknig out the window into an arctic scenery.. I’m wearing shorts and short sleeve shirt and still I’m sweating. lol Cool. They even told (weatherman and -woman) that it’s getting warmer tomorrow! Yippee!!!

Summer kicks winters as any given day. ūüėČ