Monday after nice Sunday

It’s monday morning and I’m alive. Yesterday wasn’t bad either! I assume that’s because I was only able to spend 60e on alcoholic bewerages and we hit the bed before 2am! Yes that’s about 2-3 hours ealrly compared to the “standard”. I was bit tired and feeling somewhat worn on sunday, but not too much. The drive home did take extra hour, but it was because we got hungry on the way and decided to grab something to eat. We also had to stop on the way since we saw a strawberry sale stand and bought loads of them too! lol

All in all it was fun night. It wasn’t this mega-happy night that people will talk for decades, but I had a blast. And combined with the sunday that wasn’t wasted on crying under the bed, this trip was A-grade.

We picked up Klementina from my mom on the way home and my dad came from his cabin in the evening, aroud 7pm to return Kainu. Both dogs were happy, but I could see that Kainu would’ve liked to stay for lot longer. He had beed sneaky: my dad was at the lake with a friend who likes fishing. They were just hanging out with Kainu while this guy was fishing and when the fishing was done and it was time to get back, the fisher-guy noticed that two of his largers fishes were missing. Kainu tried to tell he didn’t know anything about them, but the scales on his paws and nose gave him away. Yes, Kainu ate two approx. 3 pound fishes while nobody was looking!

And Lex, I will have to get back to you on that black drink. I thikn you might like it. ūüėČ