Ice hockey and how they invented cricket!

It’s Ice Hockey World Championship tournament going on and I’ve watched 3 games to this point. Finns have won 2 and lost one, to Canada. it was great game for Canadians, but Finnishteam woke up in the end of the 3rd round and as we all know, it’s bit late to start running on the finnish line..

I’m not into hockey too much, in fact only sport I like is football (not soccer, mind you). Problem is that I can’t see too many games in here, no NFL games on tv every sunday.. We do get Super Bowl live and I watch those games if possible. Few times they have aired european league games and finnish games, but not too many and couple conference finals. All this in all these years. No, no ESPN in here and Eurosport is just rallye, soccer and tennis.. ..and Tour De Lance.. So no help from them really.

I do like to watch almost any sport if I happen to change channel and there’s nothing else on, but I’m not making sandwiches and snacks ready half an hour before program nor am I going to rush home for Formula1 race. I have to admit that most interesting sporting event EVER on tv (for me) was a cricket game where Team Aussie and Team India were against each other. This was many years ago and I had a huge hangover. That might explain a lot, but still, that game looked like nothing else. Just when there was long time nothing happening, this one dude slings a ball and another smacks it with a paddle! Then they run here and there. It all happened really quickly and before my hungover mind could realize what happened, they were doing nothing again.

Even though I do appreciate and respect the noble game of cricket, I can only wonder who intvented the sport and how. I have an idea that might not be true, but somehow I assume it’s not that far fetched.

Imagine bunch of lads drinking single malt and pints of stout in lazy afternoon. The jolly chaps have been trying to get the hangover out by having few sips of these fine British bewerages. They’re getting bored and are wondering what to do until one stands up:

“I got it, fellows! I got it! We do need to come up with a new sport that is just right for British minds on sunday morning.” The other lads are bit puzzled, but anxious to hear more. “Right, you have a ball in there your pocket, Patrick and I noticed that William has his indian canoe’s paddle with him, I don’t even dare to ask.. But then there’s these sticks lying around here. Shall we come up with something using all these marvelous objects!” All agree and after few more clod ones they decide that they could use the ball and the paddle in similar way as the Americans do in their Baseball game. Yes indeed, what a marvelous idea! Now they needed to come up with an idea what the guy throwing has as a goal and why the jolly chap with the paddle would want to smack the ball like there’s no tomorrow. The answer was the sticks.

I know that story was somewhat inaccurate and simplified, but I think that’s the basics how it went..



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