BBQ and tall Texan

Yes! It’s finally spring! It was +14C yesterday afternoon and I’m feeling lot better. No more snow, it’s all gone and all the plants are growing again. Birds are making noise all over, but I’m not annoyed by it.. ..yet. 😉 Even the dogs are happy. Kainu is acting like a puppy again and Klementina is chasing sun. 😉

Most of the things that were fucked up earlier are still fucked up, I just don’t care about that shit since it’s spring and soon it’s summer. There’s so much to do. It’s not dark anymore and days feel lot longer. For some weird reason I can cut 1-2 hours from my night sleep during summer compared to winter. Must be the light, eh? I mean, how can you NOT get tired when it gets dark around 3pm?

It’s 1st of May around the corner and we don’t have a clue what to do. There’s few plans, but I’m not going to get drunk and mess up all night. Propably out for few drinks and then to someone’s place for the first BBQ of the year! YES! No matter if it’s raining, windy and/or cold! lol The details are still open, but this is the basic plan. Have to see how many people we can get together to do that. At this moment there’s lot of people coming, but I assume we’ll have 10 or less actually doing it. And to be honest I’d like to have it small. It’s less noisy and with group that size people are not divided to small groups. It’s more fun that way. Oh, and if you feel like it, let me know what flight you’re on so we’ll get a cab to the airport and back. 😉 And if you’re coming from NYC-JFK tomorrow (thurday departure, fri morning in Helsinki), there’s one tall Texan on board who’s coming to BBQ with us. Just follow the dude and you’ll find rest of us. 😛