Gadget talk about phones, pt.1

I have been thinking about replacing my Nokia 9500 Communicator with new device. I have been surprisingly happy with the phone. There were problems in the beginning, but updating the phone (software/OS) fixed them, for good.

When I got the Communicator I had different needs than I have now. I do need mobile email and ability to quickly check out something from internet, but while having the Communicator, I have found new uses and this has created new needs. I do have IM client on my phone, but I rarely use it because it’s not that much fun to use. The screen being wide but low it’s sometimes hard to follow messaging if the messages are longer than just couple sentences. Also writing with the wide phone is bit weird at times, especially if writing longer text. I also have found use for the camer ain the phone. Unfortunately it’s just VGA camera with poor picture quality so the photos are just about tolerable. I need better camera in the phone.

So, to summarize my needs, I need a phone:

-WLAN and bluetooth for printing and syncing at home.
-Email, web browser to stay in touch and to check time tables, etc.
-Min. 1,3Mpix camera in the phone (for those bad parking photos?)
-Relatively big screen for easy use
-Calendar and memo
-Office file compatible

Of course it should be small enough to carry comfortably, but I know it’s going to be bigger piece of electronics than regular phones. 😉 I also have Navicore Scandinavia GPS software in my Nokia 9500 and I would like to have GPS capable device.

After I’ve summed all this up, I think I have found one device that might work for me at the moment:

HP iPAQ hw6915
-Integrated quad band GSM/GPRS/EDGE, WLAN 802.11b, Bluetooth® 1.2, IrDA
-Integrated HP Photosmart Camera 1.3 Megapixel, 1280 x 1024 SXGA resolution
-Integrated high sensitivity GPS receiver with HP iPAQ Quick GPS Connection Utility
-Integrated alphanumeric keyboard with LED backlight

That keyboard is one of the key features in this one. The integrated GPS unit is a plus too, I don’t need to haul extra bluetooth device with me. It’s also quad band, so it works where ever in the cwirld as long as there’s coverage. 😉

It is bit bulky, but since it would replace my Communicator and wouldn’t be my only phone, it doesn’t matter that much. This size matter has been in my mind for a while and I thikn I can live with it. I also think that if I get that one, I might find new ways to use the “data phone” in general.

Oh, I’m also thinknig about replacing my “talking phone”, my everyday phone. It has yet more and different uses and needs.



About dobermann
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