Monday afternoon

Monday afternoon
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And it feels like spring!


Rambling thoughts and studying

It’s Monday after sunny weekend. It’s sunny morning and I’m glad I’m not at work. I took today off so I can study for the exams. Yes the ones that will in the end tell if I get into the school or not. Damn it.

I’m not that nervous about the exam/test. In fact I’m all juiced up and excited. Even though it’s funny to study math and fysics things again that I have learned years ago, I feel good about it. At first it was so hard and I got tired quickly, but now after a weekend of studying, this morning has felt really good.

I think my brains have been on idle or even shut down and now that I’m studying the brain needed to wake up again and it was bit disoriented at the beginning. This may sound weird, but I think like I’ve got new set of thinking machines in my head! This is funny since I do like to give my brain something to work with all the time. Maybe I’ve just gotten used to those little things and now that I have something new/different to think about, my head has woken up again. It’s good feeling.

That’s also why I’ve been quiet in here. I’m getting ready for the first round of the intellectual fight which defines who of us will get to go through the academic purgatory that makes us graduated with bachelors degree. ..only to have us fighting for the spot in masters degree studies.. I think.. lol

Even though getting yet again back to school is financially bad decicion, I like to look further in the future. Earlier I just had goals and a loose plan how to get there, but I’m getting old and I need to get this “changing occupation” project out of the way asap. Now I know what I’d like to do so it’s lot easier.