And what did I eat?

Not that what I posted about before. I had a piece of garlic French bread (or what ever that long bread is called. lol) , thin smoked ham slices in, tomatoe slices and tad of basilic-olive oil in it. Was nice, but I would have liked to have red-onion and cucumber slices too.. Didn’t have those. 😩 No butter or anything else, I think it messes up with the taste.

In the evening I will have chicken with pesto sauce and rice. Rice because it’s easy and fast to cook. My chicken pieces are already in pesto sauce and they should be just right when it’s time to cook.

Yes, you got it right, when I’m feeling low, I like to cook. I also like too cook when I’m up and feeling great. Go figure. But I rather cook and eat than drink and puke. 😉



Hungry man shares a secret

I am hungry! Yes, that’s the big news that got me posting yet again. I’, going to grab something to eat around noon, but until then I am hungry..

I have been thinking about food ever since I got out of the meeting we had in the morning. I have visualised numerous dishes and how to make them and gotten even more hungry. Damn it. I thought I’d share one idea with you, just to get more hungry and if lucky, get someone of you hungry too! lol

Potatoes are gift from god. You can do so many different things with them, but here’s what I have in mind.. First you make garlic butter. Just chop garlic and mix it with butter. You can add rosemary or any other herb you like. When you’ve mixed it all, let it stay in fridge over night or at least 3-4 hours so the taste is just right.

Then you put oven on 200 degrees (celsius, mind you) and while it heats, you work with your potatoes. You need few large (preferrably LONG) potatoes. You cut them diagonally so you have long slices of potatoe, about six slices per potatoe. Still with me? Ok. Then you put them in for example glass casserole (or what ever that bowl is called..). Then you can add your favorite spices depending on what you have with the potatoes, I usually put some pepper on them. When the oven is ready, you add the garlic butter you made on the slices and put it in oven. Of course you have not peeled the potatoes, so they will have crusty skin when they’re ready, right? The skin also keeps the butter from going right through the potatoe.

Now that you’ve got the potatoe slices in oven, you can take it easy. I don’t know how long they need to be in the oven, I go with the feel. I look in the oven after 30min and then take a peak now and then. You can see when they’re ready.

This dish needs some meat, in my opinion. FilĂ© would be the preferred piece of beef. You take two small or one medium size filĂ© per person. First you need to quickly “fry” them on the pan, about a minute per side. Then put the pan on low heat and put the filĂ©s on the pan. Then add your favorite redwine, about a glass worth. Then I’d add some rosemary and one chopped onion in there. You can also add a drop of water if the wine isn’ t enough. You need fluid so much that half of the filĂ© is in it. Did I explain it well enough? I hope. You need to turn the filĂ© once while on the pan in the wine if you have large chunk of beef. Otherwise just let it be. Again, I don’t know the time, I go by the feel. I like to get it medium.

When you have yur filé and potatoes ready, put them on plate. Add tomatoe and your favorite vegetalbes on the side. Then pour the wine on the whole stuff and enjoy!

I’m bad at explaining, but when I do that it tastes rather nice. In my opinion. 😉