I was healthy until I met a doctor..

I just came home from doctor and pharmacy. I went to doctor because I was agile enough to slip this morning while out with the dogs and I hurt my.. SURPRISE! ..my BACK! Again! Anyway, I went to doctor and he checked out my back and said I’m right with my diagnose and after looking at my history on his screen he said it’s pointless to do anything else, stay home for couple days and here’s your prescription.

Since it was that quick, he asked how I was feeling in general. I told that I’ve been bit tired and so on. He asked how I felt right now, sitting here in his office. I told I was bit tired, back was sore and my stomach was bit upset, but it must’ve been something I ate this morning or yesterday night when I was out with couple of my old friends. We just met for quick pizza. Well, the doctor asked that have I had temperature or felt like I had flu. I said, no I’m just bit tired. No no no, replied the doctor and told me I have dihorrea coming and maybe even flu, so he wrote sick-leave until next week!! I was amazed, what happened here!! I was generally healthy when I came in, just sore back, and now I have flu and liquified poo coming out of my ass?! Last thing the doctor said while I was leaving was just: “Trust me”.. I’m bit concerned about this.

Well, not really. If it happens, it happens and I don’t have to think about going to doctor’s with shit in my pants and puke on the dashboard.. 😉



Loud, friendly and drunken, just because.

It seems that I have started something in here.. I have gotten lot of hits from searches to my criticism and correction post. Weird, funny and some what scary. 😮 Not really. I have even received YET ANOTHER email from someone I don’t know, but who had an issue with my posts. This time it was the post and the comments, even the “can of worms”, Egan. 😉

So, I will reply to just one question this emailer asked:

No, I don’t think we Finns are any better, not at all. You might not know, but Finns are known in all world for their taste of strong and mild alcoholic bewerages. Finns love to drink, drink and drink. They do get loud, but mostly stay friendly in foreign countries, it’s holiday after all and holidays are for fun. One can get angry-drunk at home and beat the shit out of someone familiar so it is publicly known who’s the one that was poking you with the knife. Most Finns you might meet out there in wide world are going to be these fat, sun burned and, of course, drunken Finns who’s linguistical skills are limited, but they’re happy. Sober Finn is quiet and polite and drunken Finn is loud and friendly. You can piss him or her off, but you can’t rock a Finns world, since we in fact did beat the Soviets, unlike the Americans. Remember the scale: when we were fighting with the red-bear, there were total of about 2 million Finns, including the infants and elderly.

I do think that the pople that get angry about my post are just the ones that find themselves from the text. The ones that do not find themselves, are capable of having constructive conversation. And after all, I don’t think that post was bad, I could’ve gone really nasty, but I don’t want to since there’s no point to insult someone just because.