Friday, immigration and B-status

Friday, O’ Friday. It’s friday, finally and weekend is around the corner. I really need some time off and some rest, but how it happens I have lots to do. First, it’s off to Salo again on saturday and then sunday will be spent in masses of people in afair. I’m not sure how I’m going to pull it all through but there’s no alternative.. I just have to do what I have to do. Damn.

The weather has been rather nice thoguh. Ok, few little snow blizzards, but otherwise it’s been mainly sunny. Even thoguh the sun and snow are blinding combination, I like it. And I like it only because sun is slowly melting the snow and it means spring is around the corner. Spring, the sweet sense of forth coming summer. Or what ever.

Last night I saw this program about immigrants who have applied for refugee status, but have not qualified and have gotten B-status. They do not receive all the social benefits and are not allowed to work since their basis for immigration is not work. Now all these people were in TV whining that it’s not fair and they’d rather be dead than in here with B-status and no permit to work. Come on! Are you that stupid?! You can always apply resident’s worker permit and change your status on that ground. If changing status is so important, I assume that some bit less glamorous work would be just fine. For example cleaning/sanitation workers usually get their worker’s permit and A-status 12 months if their pay and other employment details meet the collective agreement of that industry. And I know for fact, that large companies in cleaning industry are hiring full-time employees aal the time, they train and don’t care where you came from s long as you do your work. And if Immigration has granted B-status so one just can stay here and not get sent back to home, I assume that they do not have anything against giving green light for worker’s permit if the individual would be employed full-time.

These people seemed to know a lot about the process, so I assume they MUST know they have this alternative. Sure, it’s not same as refugee status and they need to apply for new permit in 12 months to receive new, longer permit and so on. This way they need to show they are willing and able to integrate to the society and become productive piece of the society. Sure one can lose their job, but there’s always something new available if one is willing to make sacrifices, it’s not like you’re going to do that one job till the day you die. And they get the possibility to educate themselves like any Finn. Many people I know go to night classes or virtual learning to get new degree or to update their old knowledge. It’s hard, but rewarding in the end. You get what you deserve in sense that if you try, you’ll succeed sooner or later but if you don’t try you’ll be just a sucker to lose.

I don’t know, but for some reason to me it sounded like they want to get a status that qualifies them to receive wellfare money so they can just chill out at home. You have to play with the system to beat the system. Or if you don’t beat, you still get to ride with the system. It’s same everywhere, if you go by the book you’ll get things done even though it might take some time (Di, might know something about the time on this one, ūüėČ )..



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