Lazy fucker and someone with binoculars

Lately I haven’t commented much on other blogs. I do read what’s up with you, my friends, but for some reason I don’t have the capacity to come up with a good reply even though I’d like. I blame the winter and my genes for that. I’ll try to be more active later, but don’t worry, I have been reading your entries..

At the moment I’m too preoccupied with a thought of mexican delicacies and the fact that I’ve got 90 minutes until I get out of the office and weekend starts. I know, selfish fucker.

This reminds me one thing that happened a while ago. A customer called to my number and asked where we are and if I can give directions to our office. No clue who it was, but why not? This customer told me he’s in the mall close by, the Jumbo. It’s easy, right? I can see the mall from my office window. I told that we’re in same side of the big road as the food company next to the mall and then just across the street, other side of the powerlines from the food factory. I told this twice and second time I talked about the powerlines, the customer said “I see”. I though he meant “I understand” until he continued “I’m here on top of the parking building, I see the powerlines. Thank you”. Then the call ended. WTF? The dude was on the roof of the parking building?! Asking directions? “I See”?? Should I have gone to the balcony and wave him and say “Can you see they guy on the balcony? We’re here!”?? Well, I didn’t mind it for long until a guy with BINOCULARS HANGING FROM HIS NECK came in and told the reception that he just called from Jumbo and is here to leave an application. I mean, this guy really had binoculars!! Did he see me on the phone? Was THAT the “I see” and hang-up thing?? I’m puzzled..



About dobermann
Native Finn living in greater Helsinki area, currently in Vantaa. Still avoiding growing up, been somewhat succesful, thanks to my dogs. Passionate about music, hot rods & customs, dobermanns, motorcycles and everything I might foind interesting. I am just as boring in real life as I am in this blog. I do my best and have succeeded in it very well. Any other info, look from my posts or ask, thank you. D-Ma

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