Helicopter crash after take-off

This is “yesterday’s news”, but I thought I’d post this anyway.. There were 14 people in the helicopter, including pilots. Since there were two americans, I thought it’s on american news sites.. I was right, so here’s something more:
CNN.com – Baltic copter crash: Bodies found – Aug 10, 2005
MSNBC.com – 14 believed dead in Baltic sea helicopter crash

There were mostly finns, but not just some random people: if I heard and understood right, there were high ranking Union officials in the helicopter..

Besides who was in, I’m curious to know what happened in there.. Did some of the passengers go berserk and cause the crash? Was it mecanical malfunction? Those Sikosky holos should be damn good ones and this one should’ve been quite new. One pilot was supposed to be retired Frontier Guard pilot, so I assume he was more skillfull than our average pilots. They don’t get crappy pilots to fly in the Frontier Guard..

I think they lift the helicopter up and start investigation asap. There’s aviation officials from two countries, helicopter company and propably Sikorsky who want to know what exactly happened. And of course the families of the victims.



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